Rapid data center deployment

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Volkswagen Financial Services use Infrastructure Services from Computacenter to enable maximum system performance.

In the course of the new data center construction, which had become necessary due to the growth in recent years, Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) created the basis for data center consolidation.


IT forms the backbone of VWFS, who offer their financial services to customers worldwide. With the construction of a new data center, VWFS had the opportunity for consolidation. Network and firewall systems had to be relocated, with, supporting activities carried out as far as possible in advance and outside the data centers. The limited space and storage conditions in the existing data centers also required an alternative to simply delivering IT infrastructure components and configuring them on site.


Installation and configuration of 19” appliances in specially secured rolling cases at Computacenter’s central Integration Center, and subsequent delivery to customer sites. The new network and security components were installed in the existing racks with as little work as possible. The limited space and storage capacities in the existing facility demanded that the preparation activities be relocated to Computacenter premises.


Computacenter's centralised configuration and installation capabilities significantly reduced VWFS's workload. The use of flight cases minimised installation time on site, eliminated the need for industrial trucks, and made it easier to operate in the limited space available in the existing data center. There was no packaging waste or pallets in the data centers, which reduced the danger of fire and ensured that there was no dust contamination. Sealed transport via notified direct routes ensured that VWFS’ security requirements were fully met.

Thanks to the use of the flight cases, we received a full-service package which allowed us to concentrate on our project planning and co-ordination. With VWFS’s specifications, this was an ideal way for us to get sensitive IT components into our data centers on time and efficiently.

Pascal Heinichen - Head of Data Center Operations, Volkswagen Financial Services AG – Digital Solutions GmbH

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