Encapsulated internet access with Bromium

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Ensuring that people's activities which could cause risk are executed safely in isolation.

Computacenter supports public administration’s IT service provider with the introduction of encapsulated internet access based on a solution from Bromium.


Dataport wanted to introduce a solution for more than 30,000 customers who use their clients to access the Internet via a terminal-server solution. The solution needed to enable secure and efficient Internet access, increase the number of access points available for simultaneous use, and provide greater convenience in handling uploads, downloads and data transfers.


Computacenter used a sourcing framework to provide Bromium licences for the 32,000 clients that Dataport manages. Specialists at Computacenter configured the software using the Bromium Enterprise Controller and tailored it Dataport's customers' computers.


The implementation improved security as desired, whilst improving performance and reducing both cost and administration effort. Customer satisfaction improved through better access to information and maximum productivity.

Computacenter has been an important and competent partner for many years. Our teams work closely together on an equal footing and the cooperation is outstanding. In this project, which ran swiftly and extremely smoothly, we were once again able to rely on the expertise provided by the specialists at Computacenter.

Jan-Eric Hein - Bromium Product Manager, Dataport

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