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Computacenter support Camelot in a successful migration

Computacenter has successfully migrated Camelot’s outdated configuration management system to Microsoft’s leading-edge SCCM in under three months. We are now also responsibile for managing the SCCM licence procurement, as well as providing additional project and consultancy services.




Camelot were looking for a suitable partner to migrate their ageing configuration management system away from Altiris to Microsoft’s SCCM, and to then manage the supply chain around licence procurement. The objective of deploying SCCM was to improve Camelot’s visibility of their desktop environment. This modernisation of configuration management will play a small part in contributing towards Camelot’s overarching objective to “maximise returns for good causes”.




Computacenter helped Camelot implement a configuration management system migration from Altiris to SCCM in under three months. This included delivery of supply chain services for the management of 1,500 SCCM licences, with project and consultancy services to ensure smooth delivery of the objectives.




Camelot now have a product that is super-automated and which delivers greater visibility of their desktop estate. The new SCCM solution also delivers a more up-to-date and agile tool which provides a better end-user experience.


A successful project with a great team from Computacenter who worked at the pace that Camelot needed to work to.

Paul Rooth - Configuration Manager, Camelot

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