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On a digital journey

IT Niedersachsen undertakes the digital transformation of their administrative processes.

Computacenter has aided a major digital transformation project, increasing the quality of IT services and processes while also providing a future-proof solution for IT Niedersachsen, the IT department in the German state of Lower Saxony.




The creation of a digitalised administration is the declared goal of all German federal states. It is the basis for genuine E-government, from which all citizens should ultimately benefit. The modernisation of these internal processes is fundamental for a modern administration. It Niedersachsen looked to Computacenter to help implement this process.




State-of-the-art mobile device management for the cabinet and all senior civil servants in Lower Saxony enables secure access to central servers via any smartphone. Computacenter has developed concepts together with IT.N and provided the necessary infrastructure. In parallel, Computacenter has rolled out more than 8,000 administrative clients to Windows 8.1 in a nationwide rollout. Finally, the IT service provider has assisted in developing a modular approach to the electronic file, as required by the state.




The client devices can be administered and maintained centrally, which in conjunction with the software and infrastructure standardisation significantly reduces costs. In addition, all of the state’s mobile employees who use company smartphones and tablets to access the organisation’s network now also benefit from modern mobile device management: using their devices in the way to which private users are used. The new approach to building a collaboratively oriented E-file enables the exchange of structured data sets between individual authorities and across state borders.


We have experienced Computacenter as a competent and reliable partner, who in particular can support our specific requirements in customer relations

Axel Beims - Managing Director, IT.Niedersachsen

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