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City of Munich

Automation with PowerShell

Computacenter and ScriptRunner support the City of Munich with automation in the Microsoft and Citrix environment

With more than 40,000 employees in its 15 departments and six municipal enterprises, the City of Munich is one of the largest municipal employers in Germany. The IT department employs more than 1,100 IT specialists and is fully committed to digitalisation.




The City of Munich uses the PowerShell scripting language for automation in the Windows and Citrix environment. Creating the scripts required a lot of "manual work" and meant that the already busy IT teams had to perform repetitive, sometimes monotonous tasks. To counter this and reduce effort and costs, the Munich-based company wanted to optimise automation with PowerShell by simplifying script creation.




As part of the consultancy provided by its technology partner Computacenter, the City of Munich was introduced to the solution offered by the PowerShell expert ScriptRunner. The solution of the same name offers, among other things, a central repository for PowerShell scripts and allows the automation of routine IT tasks as well as the delegation of administrative tasks to team members. Since the joint implementation by all three parties, the solution has been used successfully.




With the ScriptRunner software, the City of Munich was able to further advance automation in the Microsoft and Citrix environment and thus reduce the effort and costs in daily IT operations. After the solution was initially only rolled out within the IT department, the number of employees benefiting from ScriptRunner is steadily increasing. The automation of many recurring tasks frees up time for more exciting projects.


The contacts are always available; the information chain is short and the exchange is very good. The cooperation with Computacenter and ScriptRunner is always solution oriented and fast.

Martin Schmidt - Team Leader, Remote Desktop Services at the City of Munich

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