Future-Proofing BMW's Network

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Computacenter converts network components to dual stack for BMW.

Computacenter implemented the worldwide rollout of dual stack on BMW’s network components in accordance with their specifications, helping to future-proof their network and strengthen their competitive advantage.


The BMW Group was expanding its worldwide network to include internet protocol v6 (IPv6). This was essential for the company due to the constantly growing demand for IP addresses. Other developments, such as Industry 4.0 and the internet of things, were also key factors driving the BMW Group to adopt this technology. Millions of vehicles are to be equipped with IPv6 addresses in order to implement innovative new features and enhance the company's competitive position.


Computacenter implemented the worldwide rollout of dual stack on BMW's network components in accordance with the company's specifications. To do this, the IT service provider developed a software solution to not only automate and accelerate the rollout process but also ensure a consistently high quality. The project was led and completed to BMW Group's schedule by Computacenter's central project management office.


With the transition to dual stack complete, BMW Group was no longer limited in terms of allocating new IP addresses - a future-proof solution. Computacenter’s comprehensive expertise in network technology ensured a smooth rollout across all of the company’s international locations, with minimum impact on day-to-day operations.

With this new solution, BMW Group now has virtually unlimited scope in terms of the number of IP addresses it is able to allocate, giving the company the flexibility to adapt to future requirements.

Stefan Balster - Account Manager, Computacenter

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