Sustainability at the IT level what do you put on the agenda

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1. Limit your energy consumption

IT equipment uses a lot of energy. Now that a data explosion can no longer be denied, energy consumption is increasing accordingly. As a result, limit standby power and switch off unnecessary equipment as soon as demand permits.


2.  Be data-aware

In order to exploit the full potential of data, it is crucial to process the volume in a timely manner and to maintain a good overview. Server space is not infinite. Create awareness around data storage, as sustainability gains can also be made here. Is certain information stored twice? What could go to the cloud?


3. Try to achieve a good balance

Don’t leave any server space unused as a result of overprovisioning. All the capacity you have consumes energy, including the capacity that is not being used. Therefore, be sure to use all existing equipment efficiently without making unnecessary investments. At the same time, outdated equipment consumes more than modern, more energy-efficient equipment. It therefore pays to weigh up all the various aspects.


Address the biggest challenges in a multi-cloud environment

A modern data centre is all about performance, manageability and security, as well as sustainability. Dell and AMD are joining forces to offer solutions for the biggest challenges in a multi-cloud environment. By combining the Dell PowerEdge portfolio of servers with the latest 4th Generation AMD EPYC™ Processors, Dell and AMD are breaking all records.

An extremely user-friendly and efficient management system is indispensable for workload management. OpenManage allows you to easily manage the most challenging workloads. You determine the most suitable location for each workload. Peak loads can be easily absorbed by scaling up the capacity based on the requirements, which allows you to avoid overprovisioning.


Driving change for our people and planet through customer solutions

“Empowering customers to change the world”: this is the shared vision of Computacenter and Dell, and AMD is happy to get on board with this too. Customers across the globe choose to rely on our strong partnership. Each of us has our own area of expertise; together, we put groundbreaking digital transformations centre stage.

We are taking joint responsibility to protect our planet. This is not only at the IT level, but for the entire production chain. Our sustainability programmes focus on the economical use of resources, reduced CO2 emissions and having a positive impact on the environment.

We leverage our capabilities and partnerships with leading technology providers to offer a portfolio of solutions that support the sustainability goals of our customers and our industry.

Computacenter is actively collaborating with vendors to build transparency throughout technology sourcing. We provide honest and straightforward advice on how to get the most out of your solution and help build responsible lifecycle management into your roadmap.


Do you already have an answer to the biggest IT challenges?

Or would you like to hear more about our solutions? Computacenter has been supporting large private organisations and government institutions across the entire IT lifecycle for more than 40 years, and in a sustainable way.

Hasma Nahimi


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