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Computacenter have identified six key security challenges that affect many of our customers and other large organisations. They all drive the need to have a more integrated approach to security.

We offer comprehensive security services and solutions to meet these challenges, to secure and protect your business. From user and device to networks, data center, cloud and applications, Computacenter deliver the security outcomes your organisation needs to operate in an increasingly volatile world.​

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Security Solution Areas

At Computacenter we have identified six high level security challenges that are common across many of our customers, all of which are ultimately linked to the need to have a more integrated approach to security. Our Security Portfolio has been designed to help our customers address these challenges.

Improve your security fundamentals

As IT becomes more complex, security has never been more important as it operates across new, more agile architectures. Through standards and policies, configuration, hardening, scanning and control and beyond, we can help get the brilliant basics right.
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Protect your workforce

Remote and homeworking has grown exponentially, resources move to the cloud and Identity has become the new perimeter. Computacenter will help you manage identity better, protect your people and secure your data.
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Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Cyber risk is a threat to all organisations, with regulation and compliance now a board-level commitment. Computacenter can help you achieve the new standards of cyber resilience, and demonstrate how your organisation meets them.
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Combat cyber-attacks

It’s not a question of ‘if’ an organisation will be attached, but ‘when’. Let us help you combat cyber-attacks by choosing the right technology, implementing the right operational structures, selecting effective detection and reaction protocols, and by adopting best practice processes.
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Safeguard Your Corporate Infrastructure

The IT infrastructure, the digital backbone of any organisation, a is increasingly vulnerable. Growth in cloud, hybrid working and connected objects creates increased vulnerability and risk. Computacenter will help you meet the new challenges and build solid security foundations.
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Delivering Integrated Security Solutions

Security underpins everything. Organisations need to secure devices, data, applications, connections and things in ways that are consistent and easy to manage. From audit and technology selection, through integration and automation to process and standards, Computacenter helps you stay both agile and protected.
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Security Solutions & Services Portfolio

Our Security portfolio is broad and covers Advisory, Professional and Managed Services, alongside technology sourcing. Browse the sections below for more information on how Computacenter can support your security needs.

Cyber Defence

Defend and react faster using security monitoring, vulnerability management, Endpoint Detection & Response, incident response services and threat intelligence.
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Infrastructure Security

Enhance infrastructure availability and support agility by optimising and consolidating infrastructure security controls and helping to implement new Security architectures.
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IT Governance, Risk & Compliance

Support and maintain IT governance frameworks with technology solutions that protect customer policies, processes and people. Understand how to adapt working practices to monitor and manage governance, minimise risk and ensure your organisations achieves compliance.
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Cloud Security

Protect critical information, support regulatory compliance and secure privacy with flexible, scalable policies, controls, procedures and technologies covering public, private and multi-cloud environments.
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Workplace Security

Secure the workplace, protect users and guard data with a comprehensive set of services including Windows 10 security solution design, M365 Security Advisory services and Managed Endpoint Detection and Response.
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Industrial Security

IT expertise combined with OT know-how to make your organisation ready for Industry 4.0. Develop, implement and maintain IT infrastructures to deliver high-performing and secure architectures from the factory to the Data center.
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Identity & Access

Balance user productivity with data security, lock down security risks and open up new ways of remote working.
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Our approach to Security

Security is a one of Computacenter’s strategic propositions, and as such we have worked hard to ensure that we are able to meet the security challengers affecting our customers today. The result is a comprehensive Security portfolio that we believe will help our customers to secure and protect their businesses.

Latest Thought leadership

Our Security portfolio is always evolving, here you can download the latest thought leadership driving our development agenda.


Discover how Computacenter​ can support the migration of ​on prem SIEM platforms to​ the cloud​
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Security is one of the most dynamic marketplaces, here we present our views on how organisations need to respond
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Why SASE and SSE are game changers, and why its important to take a practical and pragmatic approach to vendor selection and architectural design
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How to integrate Microsoft security into your Cyber Strategy
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