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Delivering an incredible digital employee experience

Computacenter’s Workplace services provide industry-leading, data-driven End User Experience Management (EUEM) through highly qualified engineers and Experience Managers. They go beyond the data collected to drive proactive intervention, elevated customer awareness, and preventative automations – all designed to avoid user impact, disruption and ultimately prevent productivity loss to the customer organisation.  Our Service Desks are also enabled by End User Analytics (EUA) platforms to provide proactive outbound assistance as well as having access to better diagnostic data for inbound contacts. These allow higher rates of first contact resolution, again reducing periods of lost productivity.

Nexthink uses real-time analytics, instant remediation, automation and employee feedback across endpoints and applications, to help deliver on the promise of the modern digital workplace. Computacenter use Nexthink technology within our Workplace portfolio to help customers visualize, act and engage across the entire IT ecosystem, to lower IT cost and improve digital employee experience.

Powered by AI, the approach includes:

  • Experience analytics: Real-time discovery of users’ ability to get things done by interacting with the IT environment in a safe and enjoyable manner.
  • Employee engagement: Getting timely satisfaction feedback and engaging end users in personalized interactions, informing them of IT changes and optimizing their environment.
  • Workplace automation: Becoming proactive with self-help and self-healing, reducing incident volumes and enabling one-click resolution.
  • Operational intelligence: Integrating with IT Service Management platforms to enrich all IT systems with real-time workplace data.



  • More than 100 professionals accredited, up to Master and Architect level
  • European Partner of the Year 2023


Designed for People, engineered for Business​.
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Nexthink Northern European Partner of the Year


Computacenter has been awarded Northern European Partner of the Year by Nexthink
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