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Photo of Remo Rigoni

Remo Rigoni


Remo Rigoni is the CTO of Computacenter Switzerland. After founding cITius AG in 2011, Remo became part of the Computacenter team in 2017 when the Group acquired cITius AG. Before Remo founded cITius he was CEO of an IT-Company and earlier CIO of HDI, a German Insurance Company. He is responsible for innovation and the technical development of professional services. Remo holds a Federal Diploma in Business Administration and a degree in Information Technology.

Photo of Nuria Barbey

Nuria Barbey


Nuria joined Computacenter in 2017 and was appointed to CFO for Switzerland in 2019. Before joining Computacenter, Nuria has gained over 10 years’ experience in finance within multinational companies and has previously been employed with Syngenta and Swarovski. Nuria holds a master in accounting and finance from the University of St. Gallen and holds the degree of a Swiss Certified Expert for Accounting and Controlling.

Photo of Massimiliano D’Auria

Massimiliano D’Auria

Managing Director, Switzerland

Massimiliano D’Auria is the CEO of Computacenter Switzerland. After founding DAMAX AG in 1999, Massimiliano became part of the Computacenter team in 2011 when the Group acquired a majority holding in DAMAX. Massimiliano has an MBA from the Zurich International Business School.

Photo of Pascal Kaeser

Pascal Kaeser

Head of Sales

Pascal’s responsibilities as the Swiss Director of Sales include strategy, sales, marketing and the vendor alignment of Computacenter. He became part of the Computacenter team in 2017 when the Group acquired cITius AG.

Photo of Christian Sigrist

Christian Sigrist

Head of Service Delivery Management

Christian joined Damax/Computacenter in 2004. He is responsible for an excellent customer relationship together with his Service and Delivery Management Team. He and his team are constantly striving to further develop our services for our customers and to improve quality, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. Christian holds a diploma in business economy from the management institute St. Gallen.

Dies sind die Länder, in denen wir an Kunden verkaufen. Bitte wählen Sie das Land aus, das Sie sehen möchten:

Board of Directors

Verantwortlich für das Management und die Performance der Gruppe.
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Group Executive

Oberste Managementebene für alle operativen Bereiche der Gruppe.
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Dit zijn de landen waar we aan klanten verkopen. Klik op het land waarvan u het management wilt bekijken:

Board of Directors

Doeltreffend leidinggeven aan het management en de prestaties van de groep.
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Group Executive

Leiderschap van topniveau voor onze operations binnen de groep.
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These are the countries in which we sell to customers. Please select the country you would like to see:

Board of Directors

Providing effective leadership for the Group's management and performance.
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Group Executive

High level leadership for our operations across the Group.
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Ce sont les pays dans lesquels nous vendons aux clients. Veuillez sélectionner le pays que vous souhaitez voir :

Conseil d’administration

Assurer un leadership efficace pour la gestion et les performances du groupe
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Équipe dirigeante du groupe

Un leadership de haut niveau pour les opérations de l'ensemble du groupe.
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