Smart Infrastructure

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Digital. Virtual. Mobile. But today’s technology still relies on physical foundations to work effectively.

Computacenter’s Smart Infrastructure solutions enable customers to establish the optimum foundations for a digital workplace and a digital business. We encourage innovation. We enrich the user experience. We unlock analytics.

Smart Infrastructure brings together the solutions, services, and skills needed to maximise availability and flexibility:

  • Standardised structured cabling
  • Future-proofed wifi connectivity
  • Intelligent IP security and door entry services
  • Enhanced mobile voice and data signal (DAS: distributed antennae systems)
  • Data center solutions, including cabinets, hot/cold aisle containment, UPS systems and DCIM (data center infrastructure management)

By partnering with Computacenter, organisations can access all these services on a global scale via a single supplier, simplifying both initial procurement and ongoing management.

Computacenter’s intelligent infrastructure credentials

  • We have a 30-year pedigree in delivering structured cabling services
  • Our dedicated team includes 450 engineers, 25 project managers and 8 fully-qualified cabling designers
  • The team holds accreditations with all major industry bodies, including CNIDP® (Certified Network Infrastructure Design Professional), BISCI (Building Industry Consulting Service International), Achillies, ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) and IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health)
  • We work with all leading structured cabling vendors, including BrandRex, Commscope, Connectix, Corning, Excel, FibreFab, Nexans, R&M and Panduit
  • We can deliver solutions and services on a global scale with local experts
  • We deliver AV and Digital Signage solutions, plus thousands of IP CCTV cameras every year

Boost productivity with scalable WiFi

Devices need it. Apps need it. Users need it. Wireless has become the new wired in today’s digital workplaces.

Computacenter has the resources and expertise to install intelligently designed wifi networks within aggressive timescales. Our services include audits and surveys to verify user needs and existing capabilities; design and installation to meet specific requirements; and ongoing break-fix services to ensure seamless connectivity.

With enhanced connectivity, organisations can boost productivity, improve the user experience and future-proof growth.

Reinvent the customer experience with IP security

Better crowd control at football stadiums. Customer behaviour analytics at retail stores. Enhanced security at airports. Computacenter helps organisations take advantage of IP security to protect their facilities and improve their services.

From biometric entry systems to IP CCTV analytics software, we work with the leading expert in the UK to enable organisations to reliably monitor their premises.

Our cutting-edge IP security solutions not only enhance security, but also revolutionise the customer experience and increase competitive advantage by unlocking new insights into customer behaviour.

Seize new business opportunities with more flexible cabling

From green field construction sites and workplace transformations to data-center refreshes and routine maintenance, Computacenter helps at every stage of the smart infrastructure lifecycle.

We bring together physical assets, technology components and management strategies to deliver standardised, future-proof smart infrastructure solutions that are cost-effective and easy to manage.

Enhance connectivity with distributed antennae systems (DAS)

Computacenter works with all major mobile network operators to boost phone signals in buildings – from shopping malls and hospitals to corporate headquarters and universities.

By ensuring users can take and make calls on their corporate and personal devices without being impacted by poor connectivity, organisations can boost productivity and satisfaction.

Create a more efficient data center environment

From cabinets and cold aisle containment to racking and intelligent infrastructure management (IIM), we provide the flexible and scalable foundations needed to embrace new trends and technologies in the data center.

Optimising the data center environment reduces costs and increases efficiency while safeguarding critical business data and processes.