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Aligning IT to business strategy

The utilities industry is on the edge of massive change with key challenges around operational efficiency, a changing regulatory environment, evolving customer demands and the level of technology they require to remain competitive all having a significant impact on their businesses.

Computacenter helps energy and water companies align IT with business strategy. This supports energy and water companies in meeting their objectives around the management of operational costs, the adoption of large scale IT technologies, meeting regulatory requirements and providing an outstanding service to their customers in both new and existing markets.

We do this by enabling utilities businesses and their users to put customers at the heart of their operations by providing the information they need at their fingertips. We mobilise the workforce. We empower call centre staff. And we free up engineers’ time.

From mobile user technologies at the Edge to high-performance computing solutions at the Core, we develop and deliver IT roadmaps that improve performance and productivity. We help utilities organisations take advantage of customer intelligence, the ‘connected home’ and the Internet-of-things with big data analytics.

From streamlining the supply chain and securing the network to simplifying user support and deploying collaboration solutions, we help utilities organisations and their employees work faster and smarter.

As a result, they can provide better customer services, safeguard compliance and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Why Computacenter?

  • More than 30 years’ experience of helping customers in the utilities sector
  • Our Global Service Centers support around 3.7million users around the world
  • 47million products shipped annually from our integration centres
  • Vendor independent
  • Over 200 technology accreditations. Our people hold over 12,000 technical certifications