Pharmaceutical Companies

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Successful IT outcomes

The pharmaceutical industry is growing at a stable rate. This steady growth has been driven by aging populations, broader use of preventative treatments and an increase in chronic diseases.

Despite a growing market pharmaceutical companies are still under pressure due to competitors becoming increasingly global, pricing pressures from their customers, constrained R&D budgets, and patients becoming digitally enabled. All of this means pharmaceutical companies need to deliver more for less and interact with their customers in a number of different ways.

Computacenter helps pharmaceutical companies with the challenges they are facing by providing IT services and solutions which enable globalised operations, customer centric communication channels and the transition to a value based market position.

Computacenter places the user and their needs at the heart of IT solutions. We do this by advising on big data analytics, designing digitally enabled workplaces and implementing secure mobile working.

We provide pharmaceutical companies with industrialised IT services, global supply chain capabilities, multi lingual service desks, and work with them to reduce IT costs and complexity. This enables pharmaceutical businesses to operate effectively from Research & Development stage through to clinical trials and the selling of their medicines over the counter.

We have more than 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical sector and understand the market challenges and opportunities you are facing. By partnering with Computacenter, pharmaceutical companies can benefit from reduced IT costs and complexity, better customer engagement and take advantage of globalised ways of working.

  • Our extensive experience of the pharmaceutical industry enables us to deliver world-class IT solutions that help our customers gain competitive advantage.
  • With industry experts in security, cloud, datacenter, networking and workplace technologies, we provide independent, trusted advice and best-fit solutions tailored to individual needs
  • Our Global Service Centers support around 3.7million users around the world