Oil and Gas industry

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Powering through better IT

The Oil & Gas industry is experiencing a significant change in market conditions with many of the industry’s traditional ways of business being redefined or called into question. This has meant oil and gas companies have had to adapt to new trading patterns, OPEC coming under pressure, and new leaner business models having to be found.

Computacenter can help oil and gas companies with these challenges by simplifying IT procurements, providing services which enable new leaner business models, and work across organisations to reduce IT costs and complexity.

We help oil & gas business to operate from exploration and extraction to transport and trading. We do this by modernising workplaces, mobilising workforces and supporting users through our global service centers.

Computacenter has the global scale and local expertise to provide assistance at every stage of the IT lifecycle. We enable users. We help with big data analytics. And we simplify employee collaboration across multiple geographies.

We have more than 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas sector and understand the challenges companies in this industry are facing. By partnering with Computacenter, oil and gas companies can reduce IT costs and complexity, develop new leaner business models and invest in innovation to deliver better energy products and services to the customers they serve around the world.

  • Our team delivers services and solutions to 80 percent of the major petrochemicals organisations in Europe
  • We are vendor agnostic and aggregate technologies from more than 1,100 vendors to provide oil and gas companies with cost-effective IT solutions
  • With industry experts in security, cloud, datacenter, networking and workplace technologies, we provide impartial advice and best-fit solutions.