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Computacenter help manufacturers fast-track transformation and digitalisation

of manufacturers says lack of IT skills is the biggest challenge they face

Smarter technologies and processes increase efficiency and decrease costs

Computacenter helps manufacturers access the expertise and technologies they need to transform their processes and empower their people for digital success.

Our pragmatic solutions and industrialised services enable firms to unlock new efficiency gains while containing costs. We safeguard supply chains. We cut lead times. We increase overall equipment effectiveness. We reduce inventory and energy costs.

Computacenter helps manufacturers establish the reliable and scalable infrastructure foundations needed to modernise working environments and transform manufacturing processes with new technologies, such as robotics, virtual reality and 3-D printing.

Building the foundations for digital success

Nearly half of manufacturers already run some workloads in the cloud. Computacenter helps firms accelerate and expand adoption to create multi-cloud strategies that deliver greater agility for a lower cost. We make sure commercially sensitive data says protected in the cloud, on the network, in the datacenter and on user devices.

Connected factories. Automated production lines. Real-time analytics. Technology is at the heart of day-to-day manufacturing operations, helping companies boost efficiency and competitive advantage as well as attract and retain great talent.

Although manufacturers recognise the value of technology, many are struggling to make the leap into a digital age. According to a Computacenter survey, 90% of manufacturers believe technology is important to their business, yet 16% still cite outdated equipment as the biggest challenge holding them back.

As the lines between information technology and operational technology blur, manufacturers need to ensure they seize the competitive advantage. Half of the survey respondents believe innovations in data analytics and artificial intelligence would prove most useful to their business.

Turning new ideas into practical solutions, however, can be costly and complex - especially when there’s a skills gap. Nearly a fifth of manufacturers cite a lack of technical experience as the biggest challenge they face, which has the potential to impact both productivity and profitability

of manufacturers believe innovations in data analytics and AI will prove most useful to them

of manufacturers say creating a modern working environment is their biggest IT concern

Maximising the return from IT

Computacenter has more than 30 years’ experience of working with manufacturers. We provide support at every stage of the IT lifecycle – from evaluating, sourcing and deploying emerging technologies to optimising, supporting and managing existing systems.

As RFID tags, IoT sensors and machine-to-machine integrations grow in volume and variety, Computacenter helps to safeguard connectivity to ensure products, processes and resources can be tracked and optimised across manufacturing facilities.

Our specialists help customers overcome the challenges surrounding legacy platforms and seize the opportunities presented by digitalisation. We work with tier one vendors and specialist software providers to deliver holistic solutions that increase reliability and boost agility on the manufacturing floor and in the head office.

From digital twins to advanced modelling, we provide manufacturers with the IT foundations they need to take advantage of Industry 4.0 opportunities. We automate workflows. We integrate big data. We enable continuous delivery. We help manufacturers transform their business processes and IT platforms for an on-demand digital age.

Computacenter: Helping manufacturers achieve their goals

  • Computacenter’s certified solution specialists and project managers hold accreditations with key infrastructure, networking and workplace vendors, including Cisco, EMC, NetApp, HDS, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Symantec, VCE and VMware
  • We have one of the largest mainframe skills base in world and more than 35 years’ experience of optimising and managing environments, including z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM, CICS and DB2
  • Our multi-cloud adoption framework includes repeatable blueprints that simplify the migration of workloads to new environments and optimise ongoing management
  • Computacenter’s dedicated team of security experts help manufacturers implement robust connectivity and security to safeguard business continuity