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Helping Financial Services organisations meet today's digital demands

With the acceleration of digital business, Financial Services organisations need to ensure their IT capabilities keep up with customer and employee demands. Seamless connectivity, end-to-end security and cloud readiness are just some of the IT prerequisites that the industry must address to support hybrid working models, compete with newcomers to the sector and comply with evolving regulations.

Computacenter helps Financial Services organisations:

  • Ensure employees can securely access the information they need, regardless of their location
  • Enable exceptional customer experiences across both digital and traditional channels
  • Move to cloud in a modular and manageable way to reduce technical debt and phase out legacy infrastructure
  • Re-create campuses and branches with state-of-the-art collaboration spaces that meet the needs of a hybrid workforce
  • Safely and securely realised the benefits of AI

Our Experience

For over 40 years Computacenter has been delivering multi-vendor IT services and solutions to some of the world’s leading Financial Service organisations. From supplier rationalisation and security projects to public cloud migrations and workplace transformations we have the breadth and depth of skills and capabilities demanded to help Financial Services organisations optimise efficiency, achieve regulatory compliance and to enhance the employee and customer experience.

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We help Financial Services organisations with digital transformation every element of their digital transformation strategies:

Customer Experience

Employee Experience

Workplace Environments

Modern Infrastructure


Digital Transformation


Core IT

Enabling FinTech

Discover how Computacenter is creating agile, competitive, and cost-effective IT environments for FinTech organisations.
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Our Solutions

We help our customers to source, transform and manage their technology infrastructure to deliver digital transformation, enabling people and their business. For over 40 years, we have built strength and depth across all three of these service lines, investing in a market-leading scale infrastructure to meet the demands of our customers.

Hybrid Working

In recent years, the adoption of hybrid working has massively accelerated. To benefit from this shift, organisations must find ways to maximise productivity, ensure security and improve employee experience, even when many team members are working remotely.

Computacenter works with organisations to help define and deliver workplace transformation strategies. Including:

  • Device selection and deployment
  • Platform and OS modernisation
  • Modern Management
  • Workplace Security
  • VDI Infrastructure
  • User Adoption

Workspaces & Collaboration

The Workspace Experience has undergone significant change.

Organisations are looking for long term solutions to their meeting room environments and their workspaces, to enhance employee experiences, to maximise utilisation of office space and to provide working environments that will attract and retain talent.

Computacenter works with organisations to help

  • Transform meeting rooms and collaboration spaces
  • Modernise and support collaboration platforms
  • Integrate multi-vendor eco-systems

Security & Compliance

For Financial Services organisations, industry regulations and governmental legislation, such as DORA, demand compliance to secure both the organisation and its customers against cyberthreats.

Computacenter can provide the right cybersecurity solutions to ensure IT systems and information remain secure, to safeguard customers’ personal data, and ensure the organisation remains compliant.

Infrastructure as a Service

We enable organisations to deliver and integrate any Data Center infrastructure and the subsequent software installation up to 90% faster than traditional DC sourcing and integration, without any packing material and optionally pre-installed and tested.

Our base offering includes:

  • Multi-vendor integration
  • Datacentre logistics
  • On-Site installation

We also offer a range of option services including:

  • Flexible and scalable global delivery
  • Connect and automate services
  • Multi-vendor maintenance


Network infrastructure has become crucial for Financial Services organisations ensuring customers and employees alike can access essential services seamlessly, regardless of their location. A robust and secure network infrastructure is critical in supporting financial institutions ensuring transactions are conducted safely, compliancy regulation are upheld and high-quality digital customer experiences are delivered.

At Computacenter, we understand that a seamless network is more than just a technological backdrop, it´s the strategic enabler for your organisation. Our network solutions are designed to support you and turn technology into connected business outcomes including:

  • Visibility and Control
  • Access Networks
  • Interconnectivity
  • Cloud and Data Center Networks
  • Network Security
  • Physical Infrastructure

Circular Services

Computacenter is focused on helping organisations achieve their sustainability objectives through the intelligent enablement of technology. We leverage our capabilities and partnerships with leading technology providers to provide solutions that support the sustainability goals of our customers and our industry.

With a wealth of experience in technology sourcing, comprehensive vendor relationships with global scale, and access to facilities such as our own circular services arm, we are well positioned to help organisations excel in their sustainability agenda. Computacenter offers honest and straightforward advice on how to extract the most value from your solution and help build responsible lifecycle management into the roadmap.

Our Services

We help our customers to source, transform and manage their technology infrastructure to deliver digital transformation, enabling people and their business. For over 40 years, we have built strength and depth across all three of these service lines, investing in a market-leading scale infrastructure to meet the demands of our customers.​


We help organisations to determine their technology needs and, supported by our technology vendors, we arrange the commercial structures, integration and supply chain services to meet them.


We maintain and manage user support and digital operations for our customers, to improve quality and flexibility while reducing costs.


We provide structured solutions and expert resources to help organisations select, deploy and integrate digital technology, to achieve their business goals.

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Global Capabilities

We Source, Transform & Manage technology for our customers in over 70 countries worldwide.
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We’re proud to have built powerful partnerships with the world’s leading technology vendors, who can rely on our reach and scale. Computacenter is typically one of their largest partners worldwide.
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