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Boost productivity with innovative compute power

Computacenter helps organisations specify and deploy laptops powered by Snapdragon® compute platforms to match their employees’ diverse needs.

Combining the best of smartphones with the best of enterprise laptops

The combined capabilities of Computacenter and Qualcomm® Technologies offer IT teams a wider choice of devices for equipping employees with the most effective tools to maximise their effectiveness as they work across multiple locations.

Mobile technology has long driven digital innovation. Now that smartphones are ubiquitous, enterprise laptops need to evolve to provide a more seamless and premium experience. This has led to new devices that combine the best of the smartphone with the enterprise capabilities of professional laptops.

With Computacenter’s support, organisations can take advantage of these developments to improve employee experiences and raise the productivity of IT resources, all within organisational budgets.

Introducing Snapdragon

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Ready for Windows 11 and modern device management

Snapdragon compute powered laptops support Windows 11, which is essential for organisations needing to migrate ahead of the 2025 ending of Windows 10 support. Microsoft is also imposing a price increase for Windows 11 Pro devices with Windows 10 Pro Downgrade, which takes effect post-June 2023, increasing the urgency for organisations to make the migration.

The inevitable need to replace devices offers a golden opportunity to adopt innovative technology and move to modern provisioning and management platforms.

Computacenter’s Windows 11 migration services help de-risk initiatives by auditing, rationalising and remediating apps for compatibility and replacing devices as needed. Our services profile employees to match their needs and preferences with the most appropriate tools, services and devices, including Snapdragon compute powered laptops.

Once migration is complete, our Adoption Services help staff to use their hardware and software effectively, which is particularly important when applications are being transformed and processes digitised. This all leads to empowered, upskilled people, producing better work in more streamlined ways, and an organisation that delivers more for its many stakeholders.

There’s never been a better time to test and implement innovative technologies and processes.

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Combining ultra-portability with enhanced enterprise efficiency

Snapdragon compute platforms delivers exceptional experiences for employees.

  • Energy efficiency: Snapdragon processors consume less electricity for energy-saving performance.
  • Powerful productivity: Low power consumption results in multi-day battery life which helps users maintain productivity without being forced to stop and plug in.
  • Convenience on the go: The Snapdragon processor enables slimmer, lightweight laptops, while long battery life means users do not need to carry hefty chargers and cables.
  • Empowered meetings: Video conferencing and audio that feels like you’re there in person, with AI-accelerated features such as gaze correction, dynamic noise suppression, advanced auto-framing and smooth background blur.
  • Always connected: Built in 5G /4G LTE and WiFi help users stay connected with colleagues and able to access data anywhere they are working.
  • Enterprise-grade security: Layered security solutions keep users secure from the chip to the cloud.



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