Pure Storage

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Data center performance. Zero compromise.

Computacenter is a Pure Storage Elite Partner, offering the highest level of support and product knowledge for solid-state data center solutions. Computacenter have partnered with Pure Storage to augment the DigitalPower portfolio, an area where we accelerate business by driving efficiency and innovation in your data center strategy. Computacenter has a strong foundation in building, managing, and innovating data center products for all types of clients, and it is with Pure Storage FlashArrays and proprietary Purity operating system, that we can achieve such unparalleled performance.  

Compared to the traditional data center, Pure Storage is a young company, and one we are very proud to partner with. Their all-flash solutions, coupled with industry leading controllers, make them the ideal addition to any data center. With performance at the core of their products, Pure Storage solutions ensure you are prepared for tomorrow’s most demanding applications.

Key transformations include:

  • All-flash environment means reliability of your most valuable digital asset
  • Proprietary controllers and operating system create better security against attackers
  • Interoperable with your Computacenter bespoke data center solution
  • Remove the performance bottlenecks from your data center with a secure solid-state migration
  • Scalability and cost effective for the most demanding applications


Computacenter is your preferred partner when modernising the data center. With strong partnerships, strategic locations, and award-winning service delivery, allow Computacenter to put people at the centre of your data strategy.


  • Elite Partner

    Recent Awards


    • Biggest Deal Flashblade Partner 2020
    • EMEA Partner of the Year 2018

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