Computacenter and Intel Evo vPro

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Driving the right solutions for a new era of hybrid work

Work has changed and will keep changing. That’s why it’s vital to offer your people the devices that enable them to work in ways that suit their individual needs while being able to adapt to changing circumstances and demands.

Computacenter and Intel have been working together for decades to do just that. Intel’s Intel® Evo™ vPro® platform is designed to empower users as well as delight them. Importantly, it also gives IT the control and visibility they crave to ensure that productivity, efficiency, and security are under their control.

Computacenter brings it all together

We make IT work for your business. We source, deploy, and manage The Intel Evo vPro platform devices to ensure your users are happy and IT is in control. We’re vendor agnostic. Once the fleet is in operation, we enable IT to unlock and leverage the full functionality of the Intel Evo vPro platform.

When you don’t compromise you achieve more

The Intel Evo vPro platform is available with a broad choice of top OEM vendors, form factors and designs which mean you can match an individual’s workstyle and personal needs with the right device and still be aligned to your business priorities. It helps drive productivity while making users happy, productive, and secure.

Putting everyone in business class

Users want devices that enable them to do their best work while I.T. needs visibility, performance, manageability and security. Intel Evo vPro can help.
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Computacenter and Intel Evo vPro Partership Video

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The Intel Evo vPro platform: built for what it needs and what users want

Users want the best thin and light laptop experience, while IT needs to ensure stability, performance, remote manageability and comprehensive security. The Intel Evo vPro platform achieves both objectives. It enables your people to do their best work wherever they are, while IT can be sure that they’re protected and supported.

It’s business-class by design, designs verified for:

  • Instant wake in less than one second
  • 9 or more hours of real-world battery life on laptops with FHD touchscreen displays
  • Best-in-class wireless and wired connectivity
  • Intel® Hardware Shield, the world’s most comprehensive hardware-based security for business
  1. Time taken to drain from 100% to critical battery level while performing typical workflows in a realistic environment. Visit for details. Results may vary.
  2. Based on integrated Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and Thunderbolt™ 4 technology. For more complete information about performance and benchmark results, visit for details. Results may vary.
  3. In thin & light Windows-based devices, based on 1) unique features and performance testing on industry benchmarks and Representative Usage Guides across 3 key usages: productivity, creation, and collaboration, comparing Intel® Core™ vPro® i7-1185G7 to AMD Ryzen™ 7 Pro 4750U and 2) an IOActive study (commissioned by Intel) comparing Intel® Hardware Shield security capabilities