Google Cloud Platform

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Google and Computacenter – Partnership:

Computacenter provides a wide range of Platform and Hybrid IT services helping our customers scale and accelerate cloud strategies and maximise the benefit of their consumption and financial commitment.

By aligning Computacenter’s end-to-end services capability and experience of the full Google portfolio of solutions, our dedicated Google Cloud practice is uniquely placed to help our customers maximise their public cloud adoption and provide them with the expertise and experience to review, build, operate and evolve a their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment.

As a Premier Google Partner, our GCP Services span cost optimisation, security and FinOps; application and infrastructure modernisation; data; and multi-cloud.

Why Computacenter for Google Cloud?

  • Enterprise Experience & Referenceability
    We have helped over 285 UK enterprise customers, to help transform their technology, people and process, by being laser focused on delivering their needs, and enabling their success
  • Cloud Engineering and Acceleration
    Computacenter enables customers to adopt cloud at velocity, transform with confidence & take services to market more quickly. Our certified engineers are skilled in automation, DevOps and GitOps with production level Google Cloud experience
  • Services Integrator, and ISV partner eco-system
    Computacenter holds over 200 vendor accreditations, with 10,000 technical certifications. Computacenter transforms the way our customers approach and manage the complexity of agile procurement in a cloud driven world.





  • Google Cloud Onboarding
  • Partner Technology - HashiCorp
  • Global Public Sector - Government
  • Google Cloud Identity & Security
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Apigee
  • Google Cloud Networking
  • Google Cloud Compute
  • Infrastructure Modernization - Automated backup & restore
  • Google Cloud Networking
  • Google Cloud App Dev & Monitoring
  • Security - Security Analytics & Operations
  • Infrastructure Modernization - Disaster recovery

Thought Pieces

Labelling in GCP

Extend a Google Cloud Landing Zone with Automated Resource Labelling, the cornerstone to effective cloud governance through cost allocation, budgeting, financial reporting, cost optimisation, compliance and security.
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Microsegmentation in GCP

Implement MicroSegmentation in a GCP Landing Zone to gain granular control over sensitive workloads and security boundaries and provide security and separation to simplify audits and compliance requirements via the strict control of how traffic flows throughout a GCP deployment
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Project Factory

Create a highly automated Project Factory’ approach, where GCP resources are provisioned in an consistent and repeatable manner by eliminating manual processes and providing a centralised request management process.
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Serverless GCP

Foundations Creating Landing Zones that support GCP PaaS services only reducing the overhead required in the operation of IaaS
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Core Google Services

Infrastructure Modernisation

  • GCP Native Tiered Landing Zones
  • Google Cloud VMware (GCVE)
  • Migration - Discovery & Execution
  • Edge Computing

Application Modernisation

  • Application Migration Assessment
  • API (Apigee) Management, Apigee templated Landing Zones
  • Anthos and GKE
  • Developer Velocity

Data Services

  • Data Discovery and Assessment
  • Smart Analytics (AI and ML)
  • Data Platform Modernisation
  • Data Migration & Storage

Cloud Management

  • Multi-Cloud Health Check
  • Cost Optimisation and FinOps
  • Observability
  • Automation & Cloud Management

Network and Security

  • Secure Connectivity
  • Application Security
  • Threat Detection & Response
  • Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR)

Modern Workplace

  • Workspace Resell & Management
  • Workspace Migration
  • Citrix on GCP
  • Chrome

ISV / Vendor Intergration

  • GCVE – VMware on GCP
  • Citrix cloud VDI
  • NetApp on GCP
Plus many more

Core Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Services

  • Cloud adoption - Computacenter provides a wide range of services to help organisations in the adoption of the Google Cloud Platform, including:
  • Google Cloud Review - We assess use and ability to govern the onboarding of business & IT projects, providing a best practice roadmap to resolve and improve operations
  • Google Cloud Landing Zones - We provide experienced cloud architects and DevOps to automate the governed onboarding of teams and projects
  • Generic Cloud Services - We provide organisations with the advice and technical skills to build the foundational capabilities to operate and optimise cloud consumption
  • Google Cloud Migration - We execute customer workload migrations to Google Cloud Platform services, supporting the rehosting and re-platforming of complex Linux and Windows technologies
  • Google Cloud VMware Engine / GCVE - We help plan, prepare and implement VMware Cloud Foundation on Google Cloud, and help migrate workloads onto the service
  • Anthos Adoption - We help plan, prepare and deploy Anthos GKE into their data center, connect their Kubernetes clusters, implement policy enforcement and migrate their workloads
  • Google Cloud Data and Analytics Platforms - We help customers' plan, prepare and deploy data platform transformation and database migration & modernization strategy.
  • Google Apigee – We enable customers to build, manage, and secure APIs—for any use case, environment, or scale.
  • Citrix on GCP - The Computacenter Cloud VDI service is designed to allow customers to migrate their existing Citrix environments to Google cloud and provide a level of assurance that the implementation is optimal, secure, cost-effective and aligns to the best practice guidance of Citrix and the Google Cloud Adoption Framework.

Google Cloud Delivery

We offer (UK) On-Shore, (Germany, Romania) Near-Shore and (India) Off-Shore Google Cloud consultancy services, along with certified specialist across all Google cert areas.

Our capabilities around Google Cloud platform specialist teams include:

  • Google Cloud Engineers
  • Google Cloud Architects
  • Google Network Engineers
  • Google Security Engineers
  • Google Data Engineers
  • Kubernetes Specialists (GKE and others)
  • Google Anthos
  • Multi-Cloud Specialists
  • API Management (Apigee)
  • DevOps / GitOps
  • Agile Scrum Masters
  • Developers

Service Offerings

Google and Citrix VDI Services

Migrate your existing Citrix environments to Google cloud in an optimal, secure, and cost-effective way that meets the best practice guidance of Citrix and the Google Cloud Adoption Framework.
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Google Cloud Application Discovery & Migration

Supporting you through the migration to Google Cloud with integrated services from Discovery, Assessment, Foundations and Migration.
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Google Cloud Foundations

Accelerate the readiness of your GCP Landing Zones and the flexibility to include your specific IT services integrations.
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Google Cloud VMware Engine

Assess the benefits of using GCVE and assistance in carrying out the readiness and migration of your VMware workloads in order to run your VMware platform natively in Google Cloud.
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Google Operations Review

Improve your Google Cloud operations maturity through recommendations generated from ten best practice areas within our quick targeted assessment of your cloud operational capabilities.
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