Maximising Mobility

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Seize the app advantage

The first chapter of mobility was founded on common story lines: email, calendar, and collaboration. But the next chapter will be unique to every organisation. By partnering with Computacenter and Apple, organisations can write richer stories with stronger outcomes.

The breadth and depth of the Apple ecosystem provides organisations with an opportunity to open up not only existing information gateways but also to create new ones.

As well as enabling mobile access to existing enterprise systems and data, mobility pioneers are deploying and developing native apps that optimise everyday business tasks - from submitting timesheets and logging meeting notes to requesting annual leave and forecasting sales.

Maximising Mobility: From routine to revolutionary

Discover how to reinvent your strategy with smarter devices, sharper apps and stronger security controls.
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Realise the full potential with Apple


  • Apple designed processors in every iPad and iPhone enable organisations to take advantage of the latest advances in augmented reality and machine learning
  • Extensive accessibility APIs open up integration opportunities both inside and outside of the enterprise
  • Powerful development tools accelerate the creation of new enterprise apps


  • The Apple ecosystem encompasses a broad range of software vendors, application developers’ system integrators and strategic consultants
  • Thanks to Apple’s simple and seamless user interfaces both digital natives and novices can quickly navigate iPad and iPhone features
  • Users can browse and download apps from the App store and enterprise equivalents that match their workstyles and will help them work faster and smarter


  • Built-in sensors in the iPhone and iPad enable mobile apps to exploit location data to deliver a personalised experience
  • Features such a multi-tasking, drag and drop, voice recognition and virtual trackpad, simplifies device use in even the most challenging workplaces
  • Simple and rapid on-boarding, facilitated by the Device Enrolment Programme, improves the user experience