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Technology is powering business like never before. From providing engaging workplace experiences for employees, through to customer facing solutions and experiences – in person as well and online, technology is at the forefront of delivering on these challenges.

All organisations now need to embrace and exploit technology to allow them to compete and thrive in their marketplaces, in a world that is increasingly global and digital in nature.

Our key customer challenges are Velocity, Vulnerability, Sustainability and Experience. Complex, multi-faceted topics that shape the future opportunity and landscape across industries.

The Computacenter Digital City brings this to life, by demonstrating where and how technology can be used to enable and empower businesses to succeed in the modern era.

Computacenter’s Digital City is powered by Intel.

Intel are at the forefront of developing new technologies and new products as building blocks for an increasingly smart and connected world. These technologies and products are used as integrated solutions for a broad spectrum of markets.

Intel create end-to-end solutions, scaling from edge computing to the network, the cloud, and the emerging fields of AI and autonomous driving. From processing to transferring, storing, and analysing data, Intel’s broad product portfolio offers innovative solutions to a wide array of organisations across every industry and sector.

With Intel® technology, you can be confident you have the great functionality and high quality you need to enable your workforce and your business, including:

  • For the data center Intel develops workload-optimised platforms for compute, storage, and network functions. Market segments include cloud service providers, enterprise and government, and communications service providers
  • For Client Computing Intel deploys platforms that connect people to data, allowing each person to focus, create, and engage in ways that unlock their individual potential

Discover the Digital City

Enter our Digital city to understand how technology can be used to provide engaging user experiences, immersive customer experiences and drive value in businesses of all types
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Office of the CTO

Our Office of the CTO comprises our leading technologists from across the UK business, and seeks to guide and direct our customers and partners in their technology strategies and investments.
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Computacenter and Intel

Computacenter and Intel have been helping organisations stay connected and productive.
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