Computacenter & Cisco Innovation Center

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We are delighted to launch the Computacenter & Cisco Innovation Center

Our unique Cisco Innovation Center is based in our London office where we have built a place for our customers to see for themselves how we can automate applications in live presentations in a matter of minutes.

Six Everyday Challenges

We have identified six everyday challenges customers have and designed an interactive, fully immersive experience in our state-of-the-art Innovation Center to showcase how to solve these challenges

Computacenter and Cisco Innovation Center

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Cisco’s Innovation Center

Discover how Computacenter and Cisco’s Innovation Center can boost visibility and agility across your IT ecosystem.
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Get involved!

We would like to invite you along to either a face-to-face visit or virtually to experience, to see for yourself our Cisco Innovation Center and how we can help you unlock your business potential.

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Partners - Cisco

Working in partnership for over 30 years, Computacenter continually invests in developing Cisco skills, solutions and services to meet the changing demanding needs of our customers.
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Our network solutions connect people, data and things to enable connected business outcomes
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Putting people at the heart of your cloud and data strategy.
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