Bright Futures Scheme

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The following terms apply to the provision of donated devices under the Bright Futures scheme.


Computacenter, we, us, our means Computacenter (UK) Ltd. We are a registered company and are currently running a scheme to donate new and refurbished IT equipment to Schools in the UK that support the needs of disadvantaged children for the benefit of disadvantaged children and young people (Bright Futures).

Recipient School, you, your means an entity identified by Computacenter as entitled to be offered or request computer equipment under the Bright Futures scheme and is due to receive equipment.

The terms below form the basis upon which the equipment is provided to you. In accepting the equipment, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. You have been offered or have requested equipment made available by Computacenter and once this is available you will be advised of a delivery date by us. The delivery date is an estimate only.
  2. We will deliver equipment in boxes of 5 devices to the address that you provided to us.
  3. Equipment will be delivered by our courier or as otherwise agreed, and your named delivery contact must be available at the address to accept the delivery.>
  4. Equipment may be new equipment or refurbished equipment at our sole option.
  5. New equipment will have the benefit of any warranty provided by the relevant manufacturer. You are responsible for understanding and complying with any warranty terms provided by the manufacturer.
  6. Refurbished equipment is provided on an “as is” basis without warranty.
  7. Refurbished Equipment is used equipment that is data-wiped, cleaned and subject to a basic testing process designed only to test the basic functionality of the device and the power supply.

Refurbished Equipment is not “as new” equipment and the processes and tests are not exhaustive and not designed to identify defects beyond that basic testing. It is your responsibility to ensure that any device satisfies your policies and legal requirements relating to refurbished electrical equipment brought into your environment.

Refurbished Equipment may include at our option, Grade A and Grade B described as follows:

A – Good Condition

These grades are for kit in very good 2nd user condition. They should not show on the casing/chassis any obvious/clear dents, scratches, marks, broken plastic etc. Any screens should also be very good with no obvious/clear scratches, damages or blemishes.

Minor Defects

These grades reflect a typical 2nd user piece of equipment with signs of minor scratching, marks or dents. There should be no serious damage or missing plastics/parts (with the exception of blanking plates which can easily be replaced and do not impact functionality). Any screens may show some signs of minor scuffs, pressure marks, blemishes, or white/dark spots, these should not interfere with the viewing of images displayed during use. The unit is a typical example of something that has been used by someone over a period of time in an office, factory, other workplace or at home.

  1. Devices will come with factory settings and basic operating system only.
  2. You will own equipment from the point at which it leaves our warehouse facility and will be responsible for any support arrangements including warranty matters relating to new equipment.
  3. At point of delivery any damaged equipment or delivery shortfalls should be reported. We will in such cases seek to replace missing or damaged equipment from available stock however we will not be liable to you for any damage or replacement costs and we cannot guarantee replacement in all cases.
  4. You are responsible for preparing each device for use by students and by setting up all safeguarding measures before distributing the devices. These measures include content filtering, antivirus software and mobile device management in accordance with best practice guidelines and your policies and government requirements in order to avoid risks to children and young people.
  5. We do not accept any liability for the equipment itself or the use of the equipment and we will not be responsible to you for any loss or damage regardless of how such damage may have been caused, unless our liability cannot be excluded by law.