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Enabling Connected Business Outcomes

In our interconnected world, business knows no boundaries and your network becomes the driving force behind global collaboration, efficient operations, and staying ahead in the digital race. A great network experience delivers productivity, agility, and innovation. ​

At Computacenter, we understand that a seamless network is more than just a technological backdrop, it´s the strategic enabler for your business. Our network solutions are designed to support you and turn technology into connected business outcomes.

Discover how we can help you harness the power of your network, and make it a visible, integral enabler of your business strategy. Unlock new possibilities, drive growth, and ensure the network helps your business succeed in the modern world.

The modern work environment requires seamless connection across the various networking areas and is vital for our digital world to function smoothly. Each of our defined solution groups plays a crucial role in ensuring the delivery of data and services people in large organisations.


Visibility & Control

High performance, high security
Our Visibility & Control solutions offer real-time insights and harness the power of automation, software-defined, AI, and analytics to improve network performance and security.

Access Networks

Secure local connection​
Computacenter delivers Access Networks that securely connect users, data and the IoT, via wired or wireless infrastructure, within a campus or limited geographic region.


Enabling global collaboration​
With Interconnectivity, we transform wide area networks to create global infrastructures for efficient, software-defined data exchange and seamless worldwide collaboration.​

Cloud & Data Center Networks

High-speed digital access​​
Using advanced technologies such as automation, virtualisation and high-speed, low-latency networks, we enable our customers to deliver digital content globally with fast and reliable data transfer in data centers, cloud and hybrid environments.

Network Security

Protect multi-cloud data centers​
Protect multi-cloud data centers; Establish secure and optimal access to cloud, internet and private resources (SASE / SSE), Secure and control network access (NAC), Create visibility, automation and security through highly available central services (Secure DNS & IPAM).

Physical Infrastructure

High-Quality infrastructure solutions
Infrastructure services that underpin the high availability network solutions in todays environments from leading edge cabling systems, fibre optics, highly available wireless systems together with power and containment solutions.

Our networking solutions and services

Our solutions and services combine effective technology with intelligent support and intuitive collaboration and our tailored to how, where and when people work. They are designed to deliver a digital experience that support the CIO to unleash the full power of an organisations people.

Managed SD-WAN

Trust our Managed SD-WAN Services to power your business and provide the connectivity foundation needed to success in today´s dynamic digital environment.
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Managed SD Campus

Proactive and reactive services, delivered with automation and analytics at the core in providing cost effective, reliable managed services for our customers’ SD Campus network.
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Transform the SD Campus Network

Modern software defined campus networks combine both wired and wireless technology, forming an innovative intent based managed network platform.
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Transform the SD-WAN Network

Computacenter’s industry leading SD-WAN technology has helped businesses become more mobile, unlock their performance and help pave the way for a cloud-based strategy.
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Network Automation

Software and automation are at the core of every future-proof network architecture. Computacenter is your perfect networking partner with the right skills, insight, and capabilities.
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Managed Secure Networking

Managed Secure Networking protects the business, ensuring round-the-clock security, threat protection, and compliance, while freeing up your resources for strategic initiatives.
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Network Automation Implementation

Following on from our automation advisory service, our network automation implementation service follows our standard professional services approach to implement network automation, using a broad range of vendor tools and processes.

Smart Infrastructure Services

Computacenter’s Smart Infrastructure solutions enable customers to establish the optimum foundations for a digital workplace and a digital business.
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Multi-cloud Connectivity

Working with our customers to transform their existing Data Center Network environment into a Multi-Cloud architecture including migration of existing Services.

Data Center Network & Multi-Cloud Network Deployment

End-to-end integration, deployment and implementation services for Data Center Network, enabling Rapid Data Center deployment and Multi-Cloud Connectivity.


  • Vendor independent networking expertise, selecting the right products for the right applications
  • Supporting technology decisions as part of advisory services
  • Building trusted, strategic partnerships with all leading network vendors
  • Choose from our broad portfolio of strategic partners​


  • More than 800 network specialists and networking consultants can support your journey
  • Advisory services led by experienced consultants to lead solution approach and plan
  • Design, build, and deployment services with proven global capability


  • Management of the network fabric: policy, security, and backend infrastructure
  • Proactive 24x7 monitoring and event services to maximise network availability and performance
  • Cost-effective support through automation with a blend of on-site, near, and off-shore resources

Partnering together to achieve exceptional outcomes for patients

Computacenter and Dell Technologies deliver a stable, scalable infrastructure enabling Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust to fulfil their key priority of delivering electronic patient records.
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Renewed Leader positioning of ISG Provider Lens confirms our leadership role

In 2023, we have once again managed to place as Networking Leader in the study „ISG Provider Lens Network – Software Defined Solutions and Services, Germany 2023“ in no less than four categories.

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