Identifying innovative technologies that work for business and the environment.

Computacenter is proud of its position as both a global IT service provider and as a value-added reseller with strategic relationships and technical expertise across all leading technology manufacturers and product sets. This provides us with a unique ability to work with our customers to advise on their strategy, design, and technology selection direction across their entire IT environment. In doing so, we are able to ensure that each customer’s sustainability objectives are taken into account alongside technical, operational, and commercial objectives to develop a unified approach that will underpin their long-term success.


Product & Service Offerings


Within the strategy, selection, and design streams, the services we offer to help our customers achieve this outcome include:

Our circular services


We consider the full lifecycle of technology assets, leveraging our circular services capabilities to undertake a complete view of the sustainability impact different technologies have. This is in order for our customers to make the most informed decisions that will align with their sustainability goals. Computacenter’s circular services are able to recover value from used technology, redeploy devices back into the business, remarket externally, or recycle raw materials. Computacenter is the only IT recycling company that returns raw materials to their initial producers to be remanufactures into the next generation, making end-of-life truly back-to-life.



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