Designed for People, engineered for Business

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Organisations are embracing automation and AI to become more agile and more innovative. They’re preparing themselves to turn the complex changing relationships between people and technology to their advantage. Speed, resilience, disruption, sustainability and experience are all hot topics.

Designed for people and engineered for business, our Modern Workplace Solutions brings choice, convenience and control to the workplace. With over 30 years’ experience in tailoring business solutions, Computacenter has the expertise to deliver results that service the long-term – not just today. We engage with all levels of the business to really understand our customers and integrate people into tomorrow’s roadmap. We work with technology partners to provide support to over 4 million people in over 70 countries.

Computacenter’s focus on Productive People, Employee Experience, and Sustainable Success addresses market conditions and customer challenges holistically and practically.

Focused on what matters most​​

Productive People

Enable people to be productive at all times of their working day. ​
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Exceptional Experiences

Intuitive and relevant solutions to allow people and teams to work in ways that suit them.​
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Sustainable Success​

Commercially appropriate, secure and sustainable for the long term.​
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Our Workplace Propositions

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