Meet Helen one of our CRN UK Women & Diversity in Channel Awards shortlisted finalists

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Many congratulations on your finalist position Helen!

Please tell us what you do at CC?

As Head of Sales Campaigns and Frameworks, I lead a team of sales, commercial and technical people. We provide our customers with support and guidance that focusses on saving time and money, and mitigating risk across the lifecycle of their assets.

What does this nomination mean to you?

Professionally, I am proud of what I have achieved over my career, and so it’s immensely gratifying to have that recognised externally

Personally, it’s an opportunity to share how far the industry has come in terms of diversity in general, and women in particular; and to reflect on how far we can continue to develop, with the high calibre of nominees both past and present.

The nomination demonstrates to my team, due recognition for resilience, focus, determination and consistent achievement of results, which can apply to any role at CC.

To my daughters, who, at 13 and 15, already see the IT industry as welcoming and diverse, and who may not have concerns about barriers when they see organisations such as Computacenter celebrating and recognising attitude, activity and deliverables across all employees as equals.

What excites you about your job?


My role is incredibly exciting as it provides the foundation for me:

To make an impact for others – the honour of being part of the journey of others, as a leader, helping shape their day-to-day outcomes, and their future. In some cases, I have seen significant personal development and I feel incredibly humble to have the opportunity to be a part of that.

To give something back – as a leader I can give back to the business that has supported me over my career to date; developing a strong team to support our customers and developing propositions and processes that mean we can provide the best outcomes for Computacenter for years to come.

What would you say to your younger self?

I joined Computacenter with no previous IT experience. After 10 years I achieved my FMES jacket based on my performance, as well as an award as the No 2 UK Solution Specialists (Top 6 Group), top 2 for the second consecutive year. Something I could have only dreamed about when stepping into Computacenter all those years ago.

This was a pivotal moment for me, having moved from a financial services career into IT. I broke my own perception of what I would be able to personally achieve within the IT industry and I shared a Linked In post to let anyone thinking about a change into the world of IT or looking at a change in Computacenter into a specialist role to believe in themselves, follow their dreams, focus on their strengths, not let their past experience limit their future potential and to make small steps every day.

In July 2022 I was promoted to ‘Head of Sales Campaigns and Frameworks’, and while I may continue to pinch myself about how far I have come, the excitement of where I am able to support others to achieve their dreams and recognise their strengths is fundamental for me, and I look forward to many years of this to come.


How do you deal with stress and staying well?

I have (by some luck and some design!) a strong network of people around me who keep me grounded; friends, family, and some incredible individuals at Computacenter who I can trust to enable me to accelerate my career, while supporting my health and welfare.


What can the industry do to attract and retain a more diverse and inclusive workforce?

By publicly celebrating the people who inspire. The people who selflessly drive change, inspire others to act and to push their boundaries. I have met some incredible people who have inspired me in my career, and I remind them of their importance as often as I can. Knowing you have made a difference to another person’s day is phenomenal, knowing you have made a difference to another person’s life is priceless. Thank you to you all.

Helen Croft

Head of Sales Campaigns and Frameworks, Leader of a team of sales, commercial and technical people

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