Cloud Native Solutions

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Computacenter has been helping our customers to realise the benefits of Cloud Native models for years. The experience we have gained during these engagements has enabled us to develop standardised services that can be tailored to specific customer requirements and maturity levels.

We help our customers to assess and select the best technology, undertake platform integration, modernise their applications and design their security frameworks.

Our experts are also equipped to provide advice and guidance on hot topics such as Platform Engineering for Compliant Systems, Developer Productivity, Secure Software Supply Chains, DevSecOps and Observability.

So, if your organisation needs access to skills to help you master the art of Cloud Native Excellence, please contact us at, or browse the selection of services below.

Master the art of Cloud Native excellence

Whilst organisations are embracing the value of Cloud Native computing they are also faced with unprecedented change. The rise of Open-Source software, the impact of AI and Edge Computing on Observability, the pressure to undertake App Modernisation, how to secure the software Bill of Materials, delivering effective DevSecOps and of course Cloud Native AI, are all raising the stakes for Cloud Native leaders and developers.

Understanding how to get the best from these new innovations whilst not becoming overwhelmed by the sheer amount of change requires a structured approach that is flexible enough to adapt to unique business needs.

Find out how Computacenter can help with our roadmap to mastering the art of Cloud Native Excellence.


Cloud Native Solutions

Embracing the value of Cloud Native is a core strategic objective of most modern Enterprise business. But achieving the returns and the speed your organisation expects can be difficult, especially considering the pace of change.

Understanding where you are on your journey to realising true value is key, as is embedding a structured approach to enable incremental value.

At Computacenter we understand these challenges and can bring much needed expertise across all aspects of Cloud Native computing.

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Cloud Native Security

Security is an essential part of any Cloud Native solution, and yet it is often only included as an afterthought. Understanding how to incorporate the best security solutions, so that they become integral, almost invisible, components of cloud-native methodology can be challenge.

At Computacenter, our services utilise the principles of software development to protect underlying platforms and applications throughout their entire lifecycles, ensuring that organisations can leverage the benefits of continuous software development and updates without exposing applications and platforms to new threats.

We can also help to establish security guidelines to identify risks from the outset and implement appropriate countermeasures. We help our customers with platform security include container exposure and compliance management, secrets management within clusters, and role modelling for Kubernetes platforms. In terms of application security, our focus areas include static and dynamic application security testing (SAST, DAST), dependency tracking, SBOM generation, and security enablement for developers.

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