Application Services Center of Excellence

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What are our ambitions in Romania?

After a positive Near-Shore experience, we established a presence in Romania by starting a new company in Cluj-Napoca. Computacenter Romania is a Professional Services Centre of Excellence, focused on providing agile application services including software development, application migration and application support to customers in Germany and all other countries across the Computacenter Group. We chose the “Romanian’s Silicon Valley'' as our home because it is a dynamic center of IT talent and offers us a good standing point in the region. But while we have our headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, we invite people from all over the country to embark in our success journey as we offer national remote-working opportunities.   Our ambition is to gather a team of 500 passionate professionals that will help us shape the company’s future and culture, in the next 5 years. We want to create a work environment where everyone is inspired to innovate and do their best while having the resources to do so. We encourage autonomy, user-centricity, decision making based on competence and skill rather than hierarchy and internal power. We believe this is how true growth happens.  


Application Services Centre of Excellence in Cluj, Romania - True growth starts now

  • New location to ensure quick growth and scale
  • The most dynamic and rapid growing cities in Romania known as the Romanian Silicon Valley
  • Existing skill pool with more than 16k potential candidates
  • Access to good language skills (English, German, French)
  • Member of the European Union with strict data privacy regulations
  • Cultural and geographical proximity to Western Europe with daily flights to Germany and the UK
  • High number of universities in Cluj hosting over 40k students

Start your growth now

Why join us?

We are probably the best combination between working for a large, stable company and a young, ambitious company. By enjoying advantages from both worlds, you’ll get to be part of a different kind of company. If you decide to join us, this is what you’ll benefit from:

  • Global opportunities and well-known clients at your fingertips;
  • Flat management structure;
  • High support and a large degree of autonomy;
  • Friendly and fun environment where you are encouraged to voice your opinions and grow;
  • Remote working and flexible schedule;
  • Safe and stable workplace;
  • Trainings and learning resources;
  • Rewards & bonuses;
  • Great opportunities for students and young graduates.

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