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Securing IT performance and reputation


Holding back the threats without holding back the business

With the motivations and methods for security breaches becoming more complex and manifold, every organisation and user is a potential target.  From mobile apps and digitalisation to the Internet of Things and the cloud, CIOs need to balance opening up information gateways with locking down vulnerabilities. Getting this balance right is key to driving competitive advantage and enabling the business and its users.


  • Dedicated security practice with 30+ years' experience
  • Over 3.8 million user devices and 7.2 million events managed per year
  • Certifications in 20+ security solutions, including firewalls and authentication
  • Cyber Defence Center provides robust protection
  • Visibility and expertise across entire IT stack

75 per cent of enterprises’ information security budgets will be spent on rapid detection and response approaches by 2020 compared with 10 per cent in 2012

Multiple defences for multiple threats

No single layer of security will protect an organisation against the multiple threats that they now face. A holistic approach that incorporates the workplace, network and datacenter will enable security teams to identify vulnerabilities, pinpoint breaches and react to threats faster.

Prevent, Detect, Defend, Respond

Security is integral to everything we do at Computacenter. Every service and every solution is designed with security in mind. We understand that to enable users, we must secure them.

From our Operational Command Center and Cyber Defence Center we provide a suite of security services that help organisations protect every aspect of enterprise IT, including mobile devices, big data and the cloud.


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Customer Stories

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