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Our end-to-end security portfolio helps keep your business, reputation and people protected in a digital world


Put your Digital Trust in Computacenter

Our approach to security is truly end-to-end. We will help you navigate the intricate vendor and technology landscape, procuring and provisioning security hardware and software at scale. We can do this through our extensive knowledge and expertise in office and industrial IT. The result is a security solution designed and built around your specific business needs, while reducing operational cost, improving service quality, and protecting your business data, identity, devices and work.


In today’s climate, cyber threats are emerging every day. Therefore, IT security has become a must for every organisation.

At Computacenter, we do not see IT security as a necessary evil.  It’s an “enabler” for digitisation, providing the foundation for innovation and business success.

Our solutions create trust – in your own IT, your innovation ability, your employees and their productivity. 

As an independent IT service provider, we select the appropriate solution that best suits your individual requirements and organisational goals using the best-integrated approach. 

Our Security Solutions are far more than just secure IT.  We help you create trust and secure your business and your competitiveness. This is Digital Trust.

Our Digital Trust portfolio offers end-to-end security solutions for office and industrial IT and is based on the following pillars:  

Infrastructure Security
From network security to managed infrastructure security, planning and implementation of infrastructures to cloud security, we lay the foundation for IT security.

Endpoint Security
Planning and implementation of comprehensive concepts for endpoint security, solutions for advanced endpoint security and managed endpoint security ensure that users can work securely and rely on their IT.

Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Strategy, consulting, planning and implementation of Identity & Access Management or Managed IAM ensure a reliable overview of digital identities and access rights.

Cyber Defence
We help to detect attacks as quick as possible and react them to them in the best possible way:

  •  Cyber-defence strategies and consulting
  •  Readiness and risk assessments
  •  Orchestration of deployed technologies
  •  Establishing and implementing of a security operations center, supported by our security analysts or managed by our cyber defense services.

Regardless of the requirements your organisation has to meet, we have the right solutions - whether its strategy and technology consulting, the development and implementation of security solutions, or support or managed services.

Trust has many facets – so does our Digital Trust portfolio.  We have the Security Solutions to meet your business needs.


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Customer Stories

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