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Endpoint Management in the Modern Digital Workplace


The goal of any endpoint management approach is to deliver a consistent employee experience across increasingly diverse device types. To improve security whilst enabling mobility and flexibility and to cater for the many workstyles and apps that make up today’s digital workplace.

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Endpoint Management in the Modern Digital Workplace

How Computacenter’s approach simplifies IT support and delivers a consumer-like experience in the enterprise

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From easier provisioning, simpler updates and granular security, modern endpoint management comprises a range of features that can be leveraged on a standalone or integrated basis for different user groups. By adopting this approach, organisations can take advantage of innovations that deliver consumer-like experiences, consolidate support functions and increase security.


To drive efficiencies within the organisation, disparate business functions need to align and agree on common objectives, responsibilities and outcomes in order to drive a consistent and enhanced user experience.

Shifting the tooling and delivery methods of services allows a more personalised experiences so understanding how to blend traditional and modern management techniques is key to optimal service delivery.

The understanding of user workstyles enables persona-based services to drive efficiencies in the lifecycle management of devices more flexibly and efficiently.


By modernising their approach to endpoint management, organisations can equip their IT teams with the tools and services they need to advance the digital workplace. The latest tools can improve user experience (provisioning and set-up), satisfy user demand for greater personalisation of their IT experience, boost security, increase IT efficiency and reduce costs.

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