Upgrade to Windows 11

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Unlocking the Power of Windows 11: Your Path to Seamless Migration with Computacenter

Moving to a new Operating System has a massive impact on an organization; making planning for an EOL event critical as well as time sensitive. On October 14th, 2025, Microsoft will End-Of-Life (EOL) Windows 10 leaving over 1.4 billion devices unsupported. With Microsoft estimating that 230 million Windows 10 devices will need to be replaced, it is imperative that organizations remain agile by fully deploying Windows 11 devices across their entire enterprise. Failure to migrate these endpoints will risk exposure to potential vulnerabilities and affect hardware, procurement, deployment, applications, budgeting, adoption and ongoing support.

With a typical organization requiring a refresh of around 30% of their Windows devices, Computacenter has developed an end-to-end solution that guides customers through their Windows 11 deployment journey. Our experts begin with a comprehensive Windows 11 Readiness Assessment designed to provide extensive visibility on deployment path, device and application compatibility as well as deployment prioritization. With insights from our Readiness Assessment, Computacenter’s team of workplace specialists craft a tailored solution to source, transform and manage the new hardware — minimizing organizational disruption and maximizing the benefits of this cutting-edge operating system.

Bringing It All Together with Computacenter’s Lifecycle Services

Computacenter's Lifecycle services begin with a defined technical architecture, we then help customers attain the best possible price and selection through our supply chain management services.

Once complete, we leverage our global Integration Centers to provide our customers with supply chain predictability and consistent staging. We then utilize our professional and deployment services to install the technology at customer sites, enabling us to operate and manage the technology on behalf of our customers.

At the end of life, our reclaim and recycle services allow customers to securely and sustainably dispose of the decommissioned infrastructure — a critical step in the Windows 11 refresh journey.

Migrating Made Simple with Computacenter

Computacenter's global capabilities, powerful partnerships and industry experts enable our team to craft and execute a comprehensive Windows 11 adoption plan for your organization. Our world-class, end-to-end services guarantee a smooth transition to Windows 11 well before the End-of-Life deadline — minimizing organizational disruptions while maximizing the benefits of this cutting-edge operating system.

Data Sheet

Computacenter’s ‘Upgrade for Windows 11’ service equips your organization with the resources needed to execute a large-scale device refresh.
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