Next Generation Data Center

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We help organizations modernize their data center environments through the delivery of the latest, software-defined technology solutions.

Our Next-Generation data center solutions form the foundation of a future-proof technology infrastructure that reduces complexity and total cost of ownership while enabling organizations to create new digital services and respond quickly to market changes.

Computacenter helps customers architect private cloud solutions that provide elastic scalability, high levels of automation, and streamlined management while maintaining the security and performance of an on-premises environment. From business value assessments through design, architecture, implementation, and migration, our experienced team works to ensure the success of the private cloud environment.


Private cloud platforms based upon industry-leading software-defined infrastructure.

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Organizations are looking to update and modernize their data centers to meet growing demand.

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Use Cases

Software Services

Designing and deploying new converged infrastructure for a global service provider.
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Law Firm

Designing and implementing a multi-site technical refresh across the globe.
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Financial Services

Consolidating and relocating data centers for a global financial services institute.
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