Network Access Modernization

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Our future-proof approach to wired and wireless networks support workplace flexibility — reducing administrative overhead and complexity while increasing availability and security

As organizations are shifting to hybrid work models, the need for greater performance, capacity and coverage from their networks is increasingly critical. In addition, IoT devices are redefining business operations, requiring organizations to minimize network latency to capture the value of real-time analytics. These factors are driving the adoption of Wi-Fi 6 and 6e solutions, which deliver faster throughput with less congestion than previous generations of Wi-Fi.

Computacenter’s Network Access Modernization solution is a tailored approach to the individual needs of the organization. Our engineers create future-proof network access that delivers the performance, capacity and security needed for today’s high-density environment. This business-critical approach to Wi-Fi prioritizes user experience while providing leadership greater visibility into all devices connecting to the network.


Designing and implementing networks capable of handling the high-bandwidth, low-latency requirements of today’s applications.

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New challenges created by the modern workplace are driving network evolution and the adoption of Wi-Fi 6.

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Use Cases

Food Production

Enabling our customers to achieve operational efficiencies through a revamped network infrastructure
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Modernizing the customer’s network to elevate customer experience and satisfaction
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Migrating an outdated wireless network infrastructure to a cloud-based architecture.
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