Mobility Partners

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The Computacenter and Apple eco-system

Computacenter’s user-centric Digital Me approach is focused on ensuring every employee has optimal access to the devices, platforms, applications and support services they need to perform at their best.

We are constantly growing our ecosystem of partners to ensure we can deliver the capabilities demanded by users and businesses in an increasingly digital age.

Mobility Partners

We work closely with Apple’s Mobility Partners, including established app houses and emerging independent software vendors, to help customers purchase and deploy best-of-breed apps that map to specific user personas and industry requirements.


A mobile CRM tool aimed at field sales, designed to improve efficiency and team management.
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Tulip Retail

A retail processing and system management solution providing next generation retail workers with world-class, cloud-first enterprise software.
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Identity management solutions that securely connect employees, partners and customers to applications from any device at any time.
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A sales enablement platform that enables organisations to create amazing buyer experiences.
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A mobile clinical system that monitors and analyses patients’ vital signs to aid clinical decisions.
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Strategic Partners

For example, we help organisations take advantage of the Apple/Cisco partnership to optimise the network infrastructure and boost wireless connectivity, enabling faster browsing, better application performance and richer collaboration.


Partners for more than three decades, Computacenter and Cisco help organisations establish the flexible IT foundations needed for a contemporary workplace.
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Computacenter and VMware have helped hundreds of organisations unlock the business benefits of desktop and datacenter virtualisation.
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By taking advantage of Computacenter’s extensive partnerships and holistic services, organisations can get more from their Apple investments and user communities.