Sharp NEC

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Bringing public spaces to life with smarter display solutions

As Sharp NEC’s largest partner, Computacenter has the expertise and buying power to help organisations source and deploy the right solutions to empower their business and enable users.

Our solutions

The combined experience of Computacenter and Sharp NEC enables organisations to unlock greater business value from their digital displays.

From the hotel reception desk and the high street branch to the corporate boardroom and the hospital waiting room, we help connect people with content via desktop monitors, large-format displays and projection solutions.

From retail branches and media agencies to government organisations and financial institutions, we match the right advice to the right device to deliver the right outcomes.

  • Source - User and site profiling, product bench marking, stock holding
  • Deploy - Configuration and logistics, workplace transformations, recovery, disposal and recycling
  • Manage - hardware maintenance, service desk



  • Sharp NEC Premier Business Partner
  • Accredited to work in sensitive environments including government and financial institutions


Recent Awards


  • 2018 EMEA Top Reseller & Desktop Displays


Designed for People, engineered for Business​.
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