Transform the SD Campus Network

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The modern wired and wireless network

The Modern Wired and Wireless Network combine both wired and wireless technology, forming an innovative intent based managed network platform. Benefit from subscription based, feature rich, software based solutions. With automation at the core of all modern SD Campus solutions, we reduce pace of change and cost of operation. Policy configuration enables logical segmentation for access management, and security is embedded and consistent through policy. Visibility of the network as a fabric enables proactive management. Ease your life and make users happy.

Customer challenges:


  • Drive Better Experiences for People: The number of connected devices is growing, People need anytime-anywhere access
  • Visibility & Control: Lack of visibility of the network as a whole and associated analytics
  • Integrated Security: Built in security helps control expanded wireless connectivity, increased mobility and more diverse routing
  • Application Performance: Cloud platforms and applications need software-defined connectivity to guarantee best performance.
  • Subscription Licensing: Customers are seeking for more flexible licensing models
  • Ageing, complex traditional networks: End of life equipment brings associated security risk and operating cost challenges

How we help

  • We help our customers to modernize their wired and wireless networks, improving security, reliability, scalability and end user experience
  • We source, transform and manage, delivering end to end
  • We source the most appropriate technology for our customers’ needs, through advisory and consultancy services
  • We transform Campus networks to achieve our customers’ goals from our team of highly skilled consultant and engineers
  • We deliver global managed network services from our team of highly skilled, accredited people with industry-leading capability

Customer benefits:

  • Implementation of a wireless-first strategy
  • Automation at the core of all solutions
  • Avoidance of downtime and reduction of time-to-provision
  • Increased network operations efficiency and responsiveness
  • Easy management of policies and security
  • Reduced cost of operation
  • Greater business agility and scalability

Access Networks

Secure local connection​
​ Computacenter delivers Access Networks that securely connect users, data and the IoT, via wired or wireless infrastructure, within a campus or limited geographic region.

Visibility & Control

High performance, high security
​ Our Visibility & Control solutions offer real-time insights and harness the power of automation, software-defined, AI, and analytics to improve network performance and security.


Enabling global collaboration​
​ With Interconnectivity, we transform wide area networks to create global infrastructures for efficient, software-defined data exchange and seamless worldwide collaboration.​

Cloud & Data Center Networks

High-speed digital access​​
​ Using advanced technologies such as automation, virtualisation and high-speed, low-latency networks, we enable our customers to deliver digital content globally with fast and reliable data transfer in data centers, cloud and hybrid environments.

Network Security

Securing the Enterprise​
​ Protect multi-cloud data centers; Establish secure and optimal access to cloud, internet and private resources (SASE / SSE), Secure and control network access (NAC), Create visibility, automation and security through highly available central services (Secure DNS & IPAM).

Physical Infrastructure

High-Quality infrastructure solutions
​ Infrastructure services that underpin the high availability network solutions in todays environments from leading edge cabling systems, fibre optics, highly available wireless systems together with power and containment solutions.

Solutions & services portfolio around campus and software-defined networking

Campus Network Transformation

Volumes and methods of data transport are changing with the increase in cloud application usage, wireless first strategies and mobile working.

Campus networking technology is challenged firstly to meet the broader range of requirements,security and scalability, secondly to meet increasing performance and reliability expectations.

Computacenter's highly skilled professional services team have decades of experience designing and deploying campus solutions to enable your business goals across the vendor landscape.

Managed SD Campus

Our Managed SD Campus service completes the end to end offering for Campus networking, enhancing our extensive source & transform capabilities with management of modern software defined Campus networks.

The managed service focuses on the use of automation at the core of the service, making full use of the vendor platforms available to provide proactive, preventative services to modern combined wired and wireless networks.

Network Automation

Software and automation are at the core of every future-proof network architecture. Computacenter is your perfect networking partner with the right skills, insight, and capabilities.
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Transform the SD Campus Network

Modern software defined campus networks combine both wired and wireless technology, forming an innovative intent based managed network platform.
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Transform the SD-WAN Network

Computacenter’s industry leading SD-WAN technology has helped businesses become more mobile, unlock their performance and help pave the way for a cloud-based strategy.
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Our Customer success stories

Software-Defined Campus

Conceptual Design and future state advisory for all technology in Data Center, Software-Defined Campus and WAN and a longterm automation journey led at the customer side to a quicker and more efficient delivery of new services to stay ahead of the competition.

Network Access Control Solution

We designed and implemented a network infrastructure with Network Access Control (NAC) which meets increasing compliance requirements and ensures access just for authenticated devices to the LAN & WLAN.

NHS Digital

We designed and deployed a network analytics solution to protect patient data against threats and reduce disruption. With this, we have provided an end-to-end view on security events.​