Integration & Deployment

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Optimising the implantation, configuration, and deployment of technology globally.

The purchase and provision of technology carries a widely variable carbon footprint. This is generated from the shipment and distribution from manufacturing plants down the chain to the final intended usage location. The management of this supply chain, and the optimisation of transportation methods, delivery routes, and distribution networks have become a key and critical capability where we can reduce our environmental impact. Through using our solar powered Integration Centers around the world, we are able to provide sustainability-focused configuration and implementation services across workplace, network and data center technology and deploy at unparalleled pace and scale to our customers.

Product & Service Offerings

With sustainability at the forefront, we are helping customers leverage our configuration and implementation capabilities to streamline their technology solutions. These offerings include:

Configuration, Asseting & Application Loading:

Through aggregating multi-vendor deliveries into a consolidated configuration service, we are able to minimise the environmental impact of onward deployment to our customers and ensure that they received products that are operationally ready and compliant with any specific technical and security requirements.

Workstyle Product Bundles:

Complete bundles aligned to customer workstyle analysis can be provided as a single delivery, providing complete working solutions for both office and remote working, minimising carbon emissions through reducing orders, shipments, and installation events.

Automated Deployment & Configuration:

We are able to use modern automated deployment tools and methodologies via a hybrid model to both enhance user experience and minimise environmental impact, supporting customers in their journeys to future cloud automation.

Sustainability Optimisation:

As part of the configuration process, we can look at optimising settings such as power management and display brightness to minimise power draw and contribute to a reduction in emissions realised when the hardware is in use.

Innovative Deployment Solutions:

We have bespoke solutions established for all kinds of different technology requirements from the workplace to the data center, all of which significantly increase the efficiency of the deployment process through consolidation, removal of packaging, and optimised delivery configurations.

Intelligent Scheduling for Deliveries & Installations:

We analyse the number of deliveries from our vendor partners to Computacenter, the number of deliveries to customer locations, and the number of visits required from engineers to complete installations and consolidate all of these using intelligent scheduling tools and processes. This consolidation and the use of localised resources and EV’s allows us to significantly drive down carbon emissions.

Partners beyond technology

We are constantly developing more efficient ways of procuring, configuring, and distributing technology for our customers. Part of this journey is ensuring that both up and down our supply chain, we’re partnering with businesses that share our environmental commitments. Computacenter is proud to have developed relationships with transport partners who, like us, have committed to furthering the use electric vehicles and driving innovation for more intelligent and efficient logistics systems.

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Strategically located

Computacenter operates in over 70 countries around the world with Integration Centers to manage the physical transfer, configuration, and management of goods in several key regions. Our local capabilities enable companies to bypass inefficient contact points in traditional transport networks by delegating shipment, configuration, and distribution directly to Computacenter. Our capabilities to deliver space, time, energy, and carbon-efficient solutions at scale are enhanced by clean electricity produced onsite, a model that we’re rolling out at more locations around the world.

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