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Transformational Zero Trust Platforms,
delivering real ‘any-to-any’ connectivity

In the digital, connected world, predictable, scalable and truly secure connectivity is vital. When you can’t trust the connection, device, or network, solutions like Zero Trust security and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) are the answer.

Together with Zscaler, Computacenter are bringing true Zero Trust capability to our customers, helping them to implement a framework of least-privileged access. This assumes that no user or application should be inherently trusted and establishes trust based upon the user identity and context. These include the user’s location, the security posture of the device, and the app or service being requested.

Zscaler’s market leading solutions cover all aspects of secure network connectivity and over 400 for the Forbes Global 2000 companies use Zscaler to manage their network security. As one of Zscaler’s top three resellers worldwide, Computacenter is proud to enable our customers to benefit from this technology by helping them to source, design and implement the best Zscaler solution for their needs. With Zscaler we help our customers to:

Improve Employee experience

  • Across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions such as M365 and ServiceNow
  • Secure working from anywhere
  • Deliver effective user experience management


Accelerate the Move to Modern Infrastructure

  • Deploy secure Internet Connectivity
  • Remove Network and Security technology solutions
  • Implement SASE and Zero trust connectivity architectures


Accelerate Cloud Adoption

  • Connect users and devices to apps not networks
  • Secure cloud workloads and remove the threat of lateral movement attacks
  • Make applications and users invisible to the internet


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