A simple and straightforward solution for schools

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What was the exact need of the Stadtschulen Zug?

The procurement and maintenance of laptops for all students and teachers at the Stadtschulen Zug. This includes the municipalities of Zug, Cham, Baar and Steinhausen. We are talking about a total order of over 6000 devices. The customer wanted a comprehensive carefree package that would relieve him of his own expenses. The whole thing is put into a leasing procedure that allows each school and each community to have full cost transparency per school year.


Have all students been equipped with a laptop?

The new model, which is currently under consultation in the individual municipalities, provides for 1 to 1 equipment from the 3rd or 4th grade. From kindergarten to 2nd grade, the students share the devices. All teachers will be provided with their own device.


What was the reason that Computacenter won the bid?

This simple and uncomplicated solution was certainly the decisive point. Talks, discussions, and finding solutions at eye level play a very central role. We built a personalized web interface for the school. Via a simple online page, the ICT animators of the respective schools can trigger the repair orders. Once a week, the devices are then replaced or repaired on site. A very important aspect is the repair center. Short repair times guarantee optimal inventory management and low capital commitment.


Tips from the professionals!


What do schools need to consider before they start upgrading?

  • Create an ICT strategy along the lines of “Lehrplan 21”
  • Collect the needs of teachers & parents
  • Nominate, motivate and train ICT animators
  • Ensure a seamless flow of information at all levels
  • Clarify insurance issues
  • Step-by-step instructions

Walter Uebersax

Service Manager

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