Cyber Defence Solutions

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Cyber Defence Solution: Threats & Attacks, Detection & Response

Cyber-attacks against organisations are evolving at a rapid pace. Sophisticated internal and external threats challenge businesses to continually adapt to protect sensitive data, assets and users. The continually changing nature of IT creates a fluid attack surface which makes it necessary to properly architect, design, implement and operate an intelligent Cyber Defence framework. This framework should be designed to mitigate gaps in detection measures, to enable rapid automated responses to events, all the while providing security operations with real-time situational awareness.

Computacenter has decades of experience in protecting our customers' digital footprint. Our security services provide our customers with a holistic Cyber Defence framework uniquely tailored to their business. Each service is offered to elevate the maturity and cyber security capability of our customers. Whether it is leveraging state-of-the-art frameworks like CIS and MITRE, or offering an integrated ecosystem of technologies including industry leading SIEM, SOAR, EDR, Vulnerability Scanning, Breach Assessment and Threat Intelligence capabilities, Computacenter security services are here every step of the journey to a secure, zero-trust operating environment.

Selected examples from our Solutions portfolio

Managed Services


SIEM Platform Management (Splunk)

SIEM Platform Management (Splunk) provides platform support for SIEM infrastructures such as Splunk, improving performance, managing change, delivering configuration updates and use case development.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Assessment of telemetry data from security software and tooling deployed to a customer’s endpoint estate. The service interrogates the comprehensive analytics available and highlights any potential security issues, risks or vulnerabilities to the customer security function, executing agreed responses where possible.

Automated Breach Simulation

The Automated Breach Simulation service utilises software to run automated attack simulations on a customer’s target infrastructure, with the purpose of identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities.

Consultancy and Professional Services


SOC Advisory Service

Consultancy review of current SOC operations making recommendation around best practice tooling solutions, new processes and the introduction of automation and AI solutions. Computacenter also offers a unique service to turn inexperienced security analysts into trained security specialists.


Cyber Defence Assessments

Maturity Assessment to determine the maturity of customer cyber response capabilities, providing a tangible measurement of relative maturity and cybersecurity readiness. The engagement operates using benchmarking tools and a standardised process.

Security Operations and SOAR Consultancy

SOAR and Security Operations licence procurement, solution design, solution implementation and integration, and in-life solution management.

SOC Analysts

To address the lack of Cyber analysts’ expertise in the labour market, Computacenter offers skilled resource to support and augment customer SOCs.

SIEM Center of Excellence

Supporting customers to design, configure and implement their SIEM technologies. Run book and process optimisation, data ingestion and parser design and Use Case creation.



Computacenter has long established relationships with all the leading Security vendors.

In addition, we offer a number of product sourcing capabilities to help our customers navigate the complex security vendor marketplace.

More about our Partner Status and Awards

Vendor Product assessment and testing

Our four-stage process covers requirements definition and vendor shortlisting, shortlisted vendor evaluation and assessment, detailed product comparison and testing using our BattleDays solution and full proof or Concept design and hosting.

Procurement Services

We offer a comprehensive set of commercial services that support Security product sourcing. These include technical design validation, Bill of Materials management, E-business including AWS Marketplace, stock holding, forecasting & planning, commercial management and advice, Financing Solutions, Product Roadmap Management, Renewals management and product Disposal.

Logistical Services

We support our customers at every stage of sourcing security Hardware. Our Logistics services includes Customer Inventory Management including buy & store, staging and delivery, data center ‘rack n roll’ trolley deployment, complete rack deployment, specialist delivery services and packaging recycling.

Technical Services

With capability spanning solution integration, build management, asseting and registration, Secure environments and disposal – data center decommissioning and data removal – our Technical Services help to support our customers beyond the initial transaction of security licencing or security hardware.


Improve your security fundamentals

As IT becomes more complex, security has never been more important as it operates across new, more agile architectures. Through standards and policies, configuration, hardening, scanning and control and beyond, we can help get the brilliant basics right.
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Protect your workforce

Remote and homeworking has grown exponentially, resources move to the cloud and Identity has become the new perimeter. Computacenter will help you manage identity better, protect your people and secure your data.
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Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Cyber risk is a threat to all organisations, with regulation and compliance now a board-level commitment. Computacenter can help you achieve the new standards of cyber resilience, and demonstrate how your organisation meets them.
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Combat cyber-attacks

It’s not a question of ‘if’ an organisation will be attached, but ‘when’. Let us help you combat cyber-attacks by choosing the right technology, implementing the right operational structures, selecting effective detection and reaction protocols, and by adopting best practice processes.
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Safeguard Your Corporate Infrastructure

The IT infrastructure, the digital backbone of any organisation, a is increasingly vulnerable. Growth in cloud, hybrid working and connected objects creates increased vulnerability and risk. Computacenter will help you meet the new challenges and build solid security foundations.
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Delivering Integrated Security Solutions

Security underpins everything. Organisations need to secure devices, data, applications, connections and things in ways that are consistent and easy to manage. From audit and technology selection, through integration and automation to process and standards, Computacenter helps you stay both agile and protected.
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