Support during an unprecedented crisis

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Delivering devices to home workers, transforming offices and Front of House, and supporting flexible DWP working.

To keep the provision of UK citizen benefits operational during a period of unprecedented challenge and demand.


Faced with this hugely challenging scenario, DWP needed to rapidly supply 28,000 of their employees with appropriate workplace devices to enable them to continue to provide critical benefits services from their own homes. DWP needed an IT partner who could manage this mass procurement, build and deployment on their behalf. As the pandemic unfolded, an IT partner was also required to help transform DWP offices to be COVID-compliant, to support their next wave of business transformation, and to set up both new and temporary sites for Front of House support to the public.


Due to this existing relationship, and a proven track record of delivery, DWP turned to Computacenter to help support them and to work together to rapidly deliver their workplace objectives during the early Coronavirus pandemic. This required Computacenter, working within the DWP programme, to manage the procurement, build and deployment of appropriate workplace devices, to enable the now home-based workers to continue delivering a first-rate benefits service to the public.


Despite the excessive impact and demands of this unprecedented crisis, the various technical delivery teams have succeeded in keeping DWP operational and supporting the UK public throughout the pandemic. As Kenny Robertson says, when speaking in February 2021: “As a business, over the last ten months, we have not flinched or shied away, and have moved mountains to keep our services going. Our response is publicly acknowledged as being phenomenal and DWP Digital has played a major part.”

The need to deliver the support that the most vulnerable UK citizens require has never been as vital as it has in responding to the pandemic.

Kenny Robertson - Kenny Robertson - Director of Technology Services - DWP Digital

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