Managed Secure Networking

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Secure Modern Networks

Ensure network resilience through Managed Secure Networking Computacenter expertly manages the security complexities and delivers the flexible network protection your enterprise requires. The need for robust security measures have never been more critical for enterprises due to the increasing number of cyber-attacks and the complexity of network infrastructures.

The Security challenge

Minimise security risks​

Making sure the enterprise is protected from an evolving array of sophisticated cyber attacks, so that operations and reputation isn‘t compromised

Protect sensitive data​

Whether it is the highly important data of the enterprise or that of their customer, large amounts of data must be safeguarded.

Ensure business continuity​

When any interruption can cause significant financial and reputational consequences, IT infrastructure needs to be available, reliable and resilient.

Enable secure remote working​

Keeping your employees and the data they access secure wherever they are working.

How Enterprises Benefit

Enhanced Security

Benefit from standardised managed services to safeguard your network. We offer comprehensive traffic and content inspection, covering everything from the network to the application layer.​

Improve Operational Efficiency

Streamline operations by eliminating the need for managing multiple environments, reducing training costs, and providing detailed insights into cybersecurity events.

Maximise ROI and Optimise Costs

Enable secure remote work, reduce expenses, prioritise cloud-based management for cost efficiency, and cut security tasks by up to 90%.

Dedicated security expertise

Our team of qualified security professionals, focus solely on network protection, maintain the latest certifications to ensure the integrity of your organisations network.

Secure networking components

Managed Firewall and Threat Prevention​

A suite of services including - Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Application Profile, DDoS protection, GEO Blocking and updatable objects.​

Managed Virtual Private Networks (VPN)​

Delivering an encrypted connection over the Internet from a device to a network. Encrypted connections helps ensure that sensitive data is safely transmitted and prevents unauthorized access​

Managed Load Balancing and Application Delivery Controllers (ADC)​

Defending an organization against distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Shifting attack traffic from the corporate server to a public cloud provider.

Managed Secure Web Access (Proxy)​

Securing devices accessing internet services against threats like malware, phishing, and unauthorized access. ​

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