Management & Optimisation

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Sustainability focused services for the management and optimisation of technology.

Effective management and optimisation of technology while in use within customer environments can significantly reduce carbon emissions as well as delivering tangible commercial and operational benefits. We help our customers realise these benefits through a combination of expert resources, data analytics tooling and industrialised processes to monitor, analyse, report and continuously improve performance.

Product & Service Offerings

Within the management & optimisation streams, the services we offer to help our customers achieve this outcome include:

Ongoing Management, Optimisation & Reporting:

We provide continual optimisation and enhancement to platforms and services to improve sustainable service delivery, leveraging analytics and aggregating data sources to inform transparent sustainability reporting and measure the associated impacts.

Warranty & Technology Maintenance:

Qualifying the use of swap services against repair services is key to achieving the right balance between sustainable and operational outcomes. This can be enhanced through use of ‘zero touch’ technical solutions to minimise the impact of hardware interventions and expedite self-service resolution. Our aim is always to maximise hardware longevity, minimise emissions and maintain high levels of user experience.

Asset Optimisation & Proactive Replacement:

We use analytics tools to provide insight and guidance on the optimal lifecycles for different technologies, ensuring replacement at the most optimal point from both commercial and sustainability perspectives. Similarly, analysis may guide us towards recommendations for proactive change, such as server consolidation to reduce power and maintenance costs.

Remote Service Delivery:

We use a range of tools and services specific to the customer scenario to provide high-quality service delivered from off-site. With more services available remotely, eliminating on-site engineering visits helps eliminate emissions generated from either device carriage or talent transport.

Intelligent Scheduling for Engineer Visits:

In instances where a hardware issue or failure requires an engineer visit, we use intelligent scheduling tools and processes to minimise travel time and carbon emissions, as well as to ensure a timely and effective response. We may also consolidate such instances to enable multiple issues to be investigated during a single visit. Through a wide spread of localised resources and provision of EV’s to our engineering teams, we are able to materially drive down carbon emissions.

Help at hand. Anytime. Anywhere.

Across the technology landscape our Professional and Managed Services advise on the appropriate architectures and implementation to minimise the impact on the environment – from the simple solutions and configurations, to fundamental architecture design.

Our services capabilities are increasingly undertaken in a hybrid or remote manner, reducing our environmental footprint generated from travel its associated impacts (Scope 3). We leverage modern technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality to continually enhance our service delivery quality without the need for ‘hands on site’ support. At the core of our approach is a continual asset optimisation strategy to ensure the appropriate technology is in use, configured appropriately, and retired or replaced at the most effective point –commercially, operationally, and environmentally.

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