The many faces of


Computacenter at 40

Computacenter was founded in October 1981, 40 years ago. We’ve built powerful partnerships with the world’s leading Technology Partners and we’re proud to deliver digital technology to some of the world’s greatest organisations.


Our business is about technology, but first of all it’s about people. We employ 18,000 people across 18 countries worldwide and many thousands of others have contributed to our journey over the past 40 years. Our people, past and present, have made Computacenter what it is today.


This is a collection of thoughts, feelings and memories from some of our people to mark our 40th birthday.




Operations Manager , South Africa


Hi, I’m based out in sunny Cape Town in South Africa – I’ve been working for Computacenter for 12 years and counting. What a journey it’s been and how amazing life has been growing from strength to strength personally but also watching the company grow and having the privilege of being a part of it.


This company is such a part of my life, that my children ask me if they can work for Computacenter one day! I have been inspired by the trust instilled in me to perform my role and I have enjoyed leading many wonderful teams throughout my career. It’s been a blessing to watch my colleagues achieve their goals and to be their mentor and leader. I’ve seen so much of the world while working here and met the most wonderful people. It truly feels like a family to me.

The culture in Computacenter is one of openness, loyalty, determination, dedication and fun. I’m thankful for my time here and looking forward to the next 12 years.



Director, Group Services Delivery, India


Congratulations Computacenter for turning 40. This has been a journey that showcases how a leadership with vision and people with commitment can win together!


TJoining the organisation eight years ago in APAC , I have been able to work with Computacenter Malaysia, later being based out of Singapore and have recently moved to Computacenter India. If anyone asks me – what I found most interesting – it is the wonderful people across Computacenter that I share my workplace with.


What defines a company is its values and how people strive to live up to those values in their everyday work. This has inspired me and my fellow colleagues to deliver for our customers.



HR Director, Romania


I have had the pleasure of working at Computacenter for over six months now. Being the first employee in Romania I had the unique opportunity to interact with many teams from different countries and I got to experience first-hand the positive vibes of the company’s culture. I was impressed by the warm welcome I received and I appreciate having experienced and inspiring Computacenter mentors that made it possible for me to get up to speed, contribute, and feel valued quickly. I love that Computacenter combines global reach with local flavours, I get the autonomy to be entrepreneurial and contribute to the company’s development in Romania, I couldn’t be more proud of that.



Service Delivery, Switzerland


I have worked for Computacenter for the last 17 years.
I feel proud working for Computacenter; a company that is regularly recognised for its culture and as a great place to work!


But it’s not only the recognition that makes me proud. There are several reasons.
The most important one for me is that I am surrounded by real and talented people who help to set and maintain the productive rhythm of our company. I feel lucky and I would like to say a big thank you very much to all of them for their excellent cooperation.


Our company encourages us to explore the full potential of our skill sets, and we are likely to grow through the job experience. Let’s continue working together and winning together for Computacenter.


Computacenter, I wish you “Happy 40 years Anniversary!"



Employer Branding Manager, Germany


What do I like most about Computacenter? That’s an easy one. The people and the possibilities. If you raise your hand and know where you want to go, and you are willing to learn in the process, you will find plenty of open doors at Computacenter. I started as a local communications specialist and a few years later, I found my dream job in our global Talent Acquisition team. I was given the opportunity to build an entirely new global function and lead a team in part-time. The flexibility, freedom and trust that I have experienced when facing this new challenge was amazing: it’s not about where and when you work, it’s about your skills and the results.


What thrills me about my job is immersing myself into diverse and exciting projects, the possibility to do things for the first time, find creative solutions and, well, it's just inspiring to work with so many talented people from different countries. Of course, there are also challenging times when things don’t go as planned or when work and life commitments collide. But there is one thing you can count on: you are never alone at Computacenter. There is just something about the ‘CCness’ of our people. We are all unique, but united in our values. The supportiveness and the sense of belonging: for me, that’s the magic! And I think that has not changed within 40 years of CC.



Senior Technician, France


Hello, I'm Clarisse. I have been working at Computacenter since 2002. I’m in charge of the "User experience" of each employee (from the moment they arrive until they leave). In life, I am someone who likes to please and help others, and I do this every day at work. I challenge myself to make people's lives as easy as possible!


What has impressed me the most since I joined Computacenter is the expertise and quality of the people here.
Beyond all that, what makes me personally proud to work at Computacenter is :
- the importance given to human contact and well-being at work
- the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from all over the world
- the sharing of knowledge
- the personal and professional development.


I also appreciate the ambitions of the organisation and the strength the Group has.


Thank you to Computacenter for its confidence. I have evolved here. I have learned. And it continues...



Analyst , Poland


Hi, my name is Weronika and I’m a Second Line IT Analyst. I've worked for Computacenter for six months on some demanding projects, full of challenges - but I really enjoy the job, because I can break my own limits and improve my skills every day.


This job gives me an opportunity to grow continuously. In my work I love to empower other team members and support them when needed – I strongly agree with the sentence I once read, which was ‘people who feel appreciated will always do more than what is expected’.


I appreciate the fact, that our team is a group of different individuals, who enjoy working together to achieve common goals. ‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’ – that’s how I see our team and the Computacenter family.