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Securing the network infrastructure

Computacenter and Infoblox secure our customers’ DNS infrastructures, automate cloud deployments and help make enterprise and service provider networks more globally available. Infoblox solutions control and automate the basic services that are essential for networks and applications, forming an important part of Computacenter’s Digital Trust security portfolio. Building on a strong partnership of over 20 years, Computacenter's range of services here include consulting and market analysis, implementation and integration into existing and new IT systems and processes. 

Infoblox is the global market leader in modern, cloud-first networking and security services. For infrastructure security, they offer an on-premises platform for the automation of DDI (DNS, DHCP and IPAM). Through extensive integrations, its solutions empower organizations to realize the full advantages of cloud networking today, while maximizing their existing infrastructure investments. Infoblox has over 12,000 customers, including 70% of the Fortune 500. 

Infoblox is a pioneer in the development of domain name services (DNS) and IP address mapping (IPAM), reducing the risk and complexity of an organization’s individual network operations.

  • DNS: Deliver applications and services with high availability, security and fast response time tailored for all physical, virtual and cloud environments.
  • IPAM (DDI): Visibility and automated provisioning through centralized IP address management (IPAM) across all IT domains and for every workload.
  • Network Automation and Security: Automation of processes in cloud, hyper-cloud and multi-cloud environments.




  • Platinum Partner


Recent Awards


  • Partner of the Year 2021 – EMEA


  • Security Partner of the Year 2020 - Central Europe
  • Security Partner of the Year 2020 - EMEA
  • Partner of the Year 2020 – Germany


Helping you to deliver secure business in a volatile world.
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