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As you follow technology trends and look to adopt the right ones for your people and your business, let Computacenter support you in enabling success. Whether it’s 5G for business, the Internet of Things (IOT) or dealing with the legacy of COVID, our experience across industries and extensive technology partnerships give us a unique viewpoint. Our technologists from across the business spend every day guiding customers and partners in their technology strategies and investments. Here they share their expertise and insight.


Modern Cloud Native Platform

An expert opinion on getting ahead with an adaptive strategy

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Thriving on change

The top five trends your organisation must adopt to prosper

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Cloud, Data Center, and all things data

A collection of expert opinion, analysis and 2022 predictions from across Computacenter’s Platform & Hybrid IT Practice

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Future-ready networking

Is now the time to invest and focus on delivering the network for the future?

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Tech Insight : Rethink the possible

Making sense of technology to enable and empower people

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Tech Insight : Survive and Thrive

Technology trends for future success

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Rethinking Security

Delivering secure business in a volatile world

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Beyond COVID-19

Will recent experience transform the digital future?

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The Impact and Legacy of COVID-19 for Technology

IT’s role in supporting businesses throughout this period of disruption and uncertainty.

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The Future Workplace

Workplace futures are considered in terms People, Spaces, Technology and Service

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Technologist Blogs

Becoming a Data Driven Team

We are a business that has always flourished on the strength and depth of our customer and partner relationships. The interactions we have, across a broad customer partner landscape, generates significant insights, provides us with a specific and fascinating point of view.

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Moving from Single cloud to Multi-cloud - The right way

Computacenter Solution Leaders Paul Nearn and Mark Prior highlight the challenges of managing multiple Clouds today and how our approach and Multi-Cloud Landing Zone+ service helps to solve those challenges.

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The future of Work

Ashley Richardson, Digital Workplace Chief Technologist at Computacenter looks at some of the issues which need to be considered in light of the accelerated evolution of the workplace due to the pandemic.

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Thrive and Survive

Paul Bray, Chief Technology Officer at Computacenter compares the “SMAC stack” of 10 years ago to the more recent convergence of technology forces we are seeing in 2021

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Two Priorities for Success

We must balance priorities to Enable Success: Driving Operational Efficiency to deliver cost and quality within your business and Increasing Agility and Growth to identify and embrace opportunities ahead

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