Exceptional Experiences

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The experience of work is now more diverse than ever. There has been significant and fundamental change when it comes to where and how we work. In tandem our expectations of the tools and technologies we use at work have risen sharply.

Increasingly we are bringing the outside world into work. Our expectations of technology and digital services are continually rising thanks to continual innovation and service delivery when we’re the customer. This expectation needs to be met in the workplace. If something goes wrong the right support must be in place to get to the right resolution, and fast. It’s what we all demand.

In addition, people should be able to consume the services in ways that suit how they work. Enabling them to closely recreate their home set up means they can better self-serve when issues arrive.

They can get up and running far faster, know their way around the platforms and processes and intuitively know how to handle a range of scenarios.

Whilst technology can enable greater flexibility and higher satisfaction levels, those outcomes only get realised when the underpinning infrastructure and support structures are in place. Nobody understands this better than Computacenter. Our expertise, knowledge and understanding of different business and employee needs enables us to deliver and support truly exceptional experiences.​

Our Approach


We start with workstyles and the needs of both people and organisations. Then we recommend and implement the best solutions. People and their roles come first.​


Omni-channel access to support that delivers answers (via humans and AI) that’s easily and always accessible, totally appropriate, and resolves questions and issues fast.​


Yes, we do the numbers (and they’re good), but we also focus on how people feel, whether they achieve their ambitions and goals, and how they can do more and do it better.


​We support deeper collaboration by creating environments that allow teams/groups to work together irrespective of geography and without having to change their working modes.​

Our Workplace Propositions

Productive People

Enable people to be productive at all times of their working day. ​
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Exceptional Experiences

Intuitive and relevant solutions to allow people and teams to work in ways that suit them.​
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Sustainable Success​

Commercially appropriate, secure and sustainable for the long term.​
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